Marketing and Marketing Automation for Companies that Sell to Engineers and Technical People

Are you frustrated by low results from your marketing and know you should get a 100 to 200% return using today’s advanced sales and marketing systems, but don’t know where to start? Or just don’t have time?

A lot of people come to us and say they don’t have time to do marketing and are overwhelmed. Are you at at a small high tech company, maybe a broadcast television equipment or software manufacturing company? And are you wondering why the marketing you’ve been doing for the past 5, 10 or 15 years is not working any more? We can give you guidance on what's working now.

We’ve helped dozens of people who were frustrated with marketing resolve that problem by using Kokoro's Ongoing Marketing Services + marketing automation. Or by using our Kokoro System + marketing automation. Our clients have more sales. Leads have doubled and even tripled. Business is up.

New Marketing That Delivers – Leads, Follow Up, Sales and Referrals

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Three (6 minute) videos:

1. What to write in your next email

2. How to get new leads

3. Turn leads into sales

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