7 Marketing Basics Book Launch

The 7 Marketing Basics Book Launch Party was a blast! Thank you all for celebrating with us! So wonderful to have 100+ people, live at the party.

Look: it’s #1 New Release in Marketing for Small Business!  Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08H118V4C  Thank you!You can watch the party replay below.7 marketing basics book on Amazon #1 New Release

Here’s the 7 Marketing Basics book launch party replay!

Thank you to my special guests at the party:

MC Patel
Lindsey Ardmore
Kitty Higinbotham
Stephane Billat
Saifudin Sani
Fallon Cavanagh
Camille Shieff
Barbara Jones
Kristin Berkery
Jillian Littlejohn
Bill Crawford

Praise for “7 Marketing Basics”

• Cindy’s book, “7 Marketing Basics,” might be the most concise and precise presentation of marketing basics ever written. These seven elements of marketing are so concisely and succinctly presented that, whether you take one or take them as a whole, they will help your marketing efforts.

—  Chris Krugler
Silicon Valley Marketing Consultant


• “7 Marketing Basics” is very engaging and highly readable. If you are looking for a marketing book written in everyday language with plenty of guidance for business owners, this is it! The Bonus Materials and Resources are worth the price of the book. Highly recommend!

—  Barbara Jones
Small Business Automation


• With her “7 Marketing Basics” book, Cindy takes something that’s big and scary for many people and makes it easy and — dare I say it? — FUN! This book encompasses something I can only call “the Cindy magic,” and I love it! The book very coherently puts in place everything Cindy has done since we started working together, and it really helps me understand what’s behind every campaign, suggestion, and question she ever asked me.

—  Danna Mann
Director of Marketing Operations & Events


• What’s refreshing about “7 Marketing Basics” compared with other marketing books in this genre is that Cindy charmingly relates her methodology with many real-world examples of the situations and day-to-day challenges facing business owners. You can’t help but have a wide grin on your face and be convinced after reading her techniques. A highly recommended read, this book is a valuable guide to marketing for entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to be successful in today’s competitive market. It is concisely written with easy-to-follow steps and bonus templates taken from Cindy’s proven success formula.

—  Saifudin Sani
Entrepreneur and Tech Expert


• The tools and tips that Cindy shares throughout “7 Marketing Basics” are actually life-changing. Not only does she share them, but she teaches you in a way that anyone can understand. Her perspective on these marketing basics is enlightening and most of all, encouraging.

—  Lindsey Ardmore
Business Strategist and Automation Expert
Star Tower Systems


• Cindy understands that the key to success is providing simple, meaningful information about products, technology, and the market to your prospects and customers. She knows what works and what doesn’t, and her guidance can bring real results in terms of visibility and sales. Cindy has the right approach to modern marketing in today’s over-communicated-with-no-real-substance world, and “7 Marketing Basics” presents some of her best techniques and tactics.

— Stephane Billat
General Manager
DekTec America


• “7 Marketing Basics” narrows down simple, actionable steps that are sure to set you up for success with a solid foundation for marketing your business.

—  Jillian Littlejohn
Sparkle Solutions


• Cindy is living proof of her “do less and double your results” strategy. She’s the minimalist of marketers, keeping what matters and getting rid of the rest. No wonder she always looks so relaxed. She’s on to something.

—  Carol White
Owner/Web Designer
Winter Street Design Group


• Cindy’s “7 Marketing Basics” really hits the mark for marketing teams of any size or focus. By breaking down processes that can sometimes seem daunting or too time-consuming into simple, manageable tasks, this guide makes repeatable marketing ROI achievable for so many. And that’s the key that so many of us marketers forget, unfortunately, when we’re so caught up in ticking off to-do items. It’s all about converting our marketing efforts into new customers and sales. Cindy has presented a plan that will help you ensure you’re staying on the right path.

—  David Cohen
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Grass Valley


• “7 Marketing Basics” delivers on the content’s promise, and its writing style is wonderfully friendly, engaging, and easy-to-read. I definitely learned from this book, and it has me thinking how I could better market myself.

—   Bob Kovacs
Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor and Tutorial Maven


• “7 Marketing Basics” is great. It is easy to read and authentic, reading just the way Cindy speaks. It’s so cool that she has written a book on her passion, and she has done it well. The white paper section is excellent, and the webinar section is very, very good. In fact, I liked learning about all seven of the Marketing Basics.

—  Kevin M. Joyce
Zer0 Friction Officer


• Every year, many new marketing books are released, and most of them present a complex and confusing “Rah! Rah!” message that would require an army and a lot of money to execute. It is refreshing to read a marketing book that is not only excellent and sensible but also easy to read. Anyone who runs a small business (like I do) can learn and execute the thoughts and ideas presented in “7 Marketing Basics.”

—  MC Patel
Serial Entrepreneur
CEO of Emotion Systems


Cindy Zuelsdorf has taken the complex world of digital marketing and broken it down in easily actionable steps. With her “7 Marketing Basics,” she’s shown you exactly what to do when you’re part of a smaller staff that wants to make a big impact in less time. By reading this book, applying the learning, doing the Marketing Basics Challenge, and tracking your results, you’ll see that you’re spending fewer hours focused on marketing tasks while making a greater impact. This will be one of the best investments you make all year! Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your wisdom with us yet again!

—  Shell Vera
Voice Discovery Coach and Writer

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7 Marketing Basics Book Launch

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