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MS EE, CTO VidOvation

Cindy actively feeds my obsession with results! She knows her craft inside and out and her extensive knowledge of infusionsoft and digital marketing is truly impressive. Cindy's professionalism shines through in everything she does!


MS EE, CTO VidOvation

I was on our stand at our biggest exhibition of the year and a colleague asked me, “Does the work that Kokoro do for you actually do anything, do you measure it?” I pointed to a demo happening right next to us and said, “That guy is here because of the email promotion we did. He replied to the email and set up the appointment. In fact, the 10 appointments we have this morning are a result of our work with Kokoro.”


MS EE, CTO VidOvation

We’ve been working together for 1 year and have developed all kinds of simple, efficient, cost-effective marketing emails for DekTec. Cindy understands that the key to success is providing simple, meaningful information about products, technology and market to our customer base. She advises us on what works and what doesn’t, helps us develop the content and handles all the work to make it happen successfully. Results in terms of visibility and sales are obvious. Cindy and her team have the right approach to modern marketing in today’s over-communicated-with-no-real-substance world. I would recommend Kokoro and Cindy in a heartbeat.

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Get Access to the 7 steps to take in  your business to the next level