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7 Marketing Basics Course

If you're a marketer and feel overworked or overwhelmed, and want to know what’s actually working in digital marketing, then this is for you. 

If you're a business owner and hate doing marketing, but feel like you need to do it even though it takes time away from what you really want to spend time on, then this is for you.

What if you could stop guessing which marketing works?  What if you could use the 20% of marketing that delivers 80% of the results – work less and get more results?  Now you can... (watch below!)

Here's What You Get Inside the Course...

Module #1 – Sales From White Paper or Guide
  • Create your guide or white paper
  • Use it to get new leads or get existing prospects to engage with you and take the next steps in the sales process
  • Step-by-step training
  • Know how to leverage the white paper or guide and get the most out of it

Module #2 – Webinar Wiz System
  • Run or star in a great webinar or online event, even if you've never done one before
  • Find out what tech tools work the best
  • Get people to come to your webinar
  • Leverage the webinar content and get the most out of it for the coming year and beyond
  • Step-by-step training
  • This is the most popular module right now since everyone is online more than ever!  If you are even thinking about doing a webinar, this is for you.
Module #3 – Social Media Basics
  • Put a social media plan into action that fits your company's needs
  • Make posts that work!
  • Find out what's working now
  • Step-by-step training
  • Decide which social channels to use in order to exceed your goals
  • Use Facebook and LinkedIn retargeting

Module #4 – Best Lead Follow-up
  • Act quickly and decisively on your next batch of show leads because you'll have a great plan in place
  • Get new leads or get existing prospects to engage with you and take the next steps in the sales process
  • Define and track metrics/KPIs
  • Step-by-step training

Module #5 – Meeting/Demo/Trial Campaign
  • Set up a system to drive prospects to your meeting, demo, or trial
  • Find out what's working now and use it for yourself
  • Step-by-step training
  • Track relevant KPIs (key performance indicators)

Module #6 – Event or Trade Show Promo
  • Find out what's working now and swipe it for your own use – in-person or virtual
  • Drive more traffic to your event, booth, or stand 
  • Segment your leads and follow up accordingly
  • Step-by-step training

Module #7 – Evergreen Nurture
  • Have a plan in place for consistent, helpful marketing all year round
  • Segment your prospect and leads, making sure the marketing is targeted to the segment
  • Step-by-step training
  • Stay in touch with warm leads no matter what

Your Bonuses!
  • Private Strategy Session – time dedicated just for you – get a private session to tackle your biggest marketing challenge.
  • Email Support – Ask your most pressing marketing questions and get them answered without any second-guessing.
  • Book – A copy of Cindy Z's 7 Marketing Basics book!
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7 marketing basics course

­­Learn how to use today’s digital marketing and sell more. Discover how to do less and double your results.

You’ve got a lot going on! So, it’s not easy to stay current with the latest marketing trends and tools. And it’s still harder to put them all together in a way that helps you and your business take marketing through to sales. If you’re like most marketers out there, you could use a hand — some insider knowledge and a few shortcuts to save you time and make your marketing efforts pay off.

The 7 Marketing Basics Course gives you information and insights that you can put to work to get real results. With 7 modules that focus on specific tools and tactics, this course will empower you to move forward with creative, engaging, and effective marketing initiatives and campaigns.

If you’re looking to get more out of your marketing, this course is for you.  Learn about the latest in marketing tools and tactics — and the secret to making them work for your business. You're already brilliant! Level up your skills here.

Why should you trust me?

I don't just teach this stuff; I actually do it. I use this EXACT system and templates for myself and for the companies we do marketing for. It has been through revision after revision and has been responsible for over six figures in income.

I'm not JUST a marketing geek. I am an automation expert and strategist and have been working in my space for a lot of years ... I developed the 7 Marketing Basics because I've seen what others are doing out there and it just doesn't work.

Believe me. I'm a GOOD human. A little weird to say it here but I'm for doing what I say I'll do, and for understanding the heart, mind, and spirit of of our clients and partners. I'm  proof that it's 110% possible to have the dream life that you want!

Cindy Z

P.S. Still not sure? I'm giving you a 100% money back guarantee.  If you complete one of the modules, download the workbook, do the work, but don't think your investment was worth it, call me and I'll refund your money. 

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DISCLAIMER: While these techniques and my training can make you successful without having existing experience, it is not an employment opportunity. It is NOT a way to create wealth without work. This opportunity is implementation of information. I'm only sharing what has worked for me and my students. Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude, work ethic, and the quality of your business. If you are NOT interested in doing whatever it takes, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP.