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Kokoro Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan

🧁 7 Marketing Basics Challenge Part One:

Take 10 minutes or so and write down what you’ve got in place now in your business for each part of the Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan. If you don’t have anything in place for one of the sections, then make a big “O” for opportunity in that spot.

For example, you might have tactics in place that target + attract, and you might have a system in place for collecting leads, but not have a way to educate your prospects. Write it down! (You can write here in the book if you want!)

🧁 Challenge Part Two:

You will have one or more O’s in your Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan. Choose one, any one. If you feel one is easier and will get you a quick win, choose that one first.

Choose one of the 7 Marketing Basics to fill that hole. Don’t worry, you can keep it simple to start with. Just pick one and start.

For example, if you need a way to educate + help, you could choose a webinar or sales from a white paper/checklist/guide.

Set a date on which you will offer your webinar or white paper/checklist/guide. This date should be two to three weeks out at the most!

🧁 Challenge Part Three:

Follow the plan in the book. Feel free to keep it simple and pare it down. Get a quick win, and get it out there! You got this!

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