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Marketing that starts sales conversations

Ever wish someone could handle your lead gen, lead follow-up, and marketing automation for you? Or get you up-to-speed, and teach you what’s really working and how to do it yourself?

Kokoro helps broadcast media companies, high tech, and small businesses grow with our ongoing marketing services + marketing automation. Some favorite tools include: lead follow-up, white papers, webinars, automated (smart!) email marketing, social media, video, SMS… People and companies we work with have more sales. Leads have doubled and even tripled. Business is up. We take your sales conversation and turn it into lead gen and follow-up that delivers results.

If you’re a CEO or in charge of sales or marketing and just don’t have time to do lead follow-up, feel overwhelmed by the thought of digital marketing, and would rather be talking with customers, or designing products, we can help. See client case studies here.

Kokoro helps companies grow.

Want leads and more awareness? We’ve helped hundreds of people bring their marketing into this decade and increase business by using our ongoing marketing services + marketing automation. Or by getting a cost effective system from us and just a little help. Some favorite tools include: lead follow-up, white papers, webinars, automated (smart!) email marketing, social media, video, SMS… People and companies we work with have more sales. Leads have doubled and even tripled. Business is up. We take your sales conversation and turn it into marketing that delivers results. We do digital marketing and marketing automation – especially for companies that sell to engineers and technical people.

Here’s how your life will be better when we work together

Unlike dated marketing methods and expensive, difficult systems, Kokoro’s services and systems give you new measurable marketing tools and marketing content that:

  • Generates new leads
  • Puts lead follow-up systems in place and turns leads into sales
  • Stops leads from falling between the cracks
  • Gives you consistent mindshare and awareness
  • Shortens the sales cycle

What is the Kokoro system?

  1. Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan: If you had a magic wand and could change your marketing, what area would you change first? When you look at your company, what holes are in your business and where are the best opportunties?  What changes would move the needle most?  (See Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan here.) We’ll work together to define the goal(s) and create a plan to make it happen. What are the first couple of projects you’d want to do? Here are some favorites:  get more leads, follow up on leads and contacts you already have, use webinars to get more customers, use white papers and guides to educate your customers, prioritize which prospects to call first, and more. There are 7 marketing basics that are like magic and we’ll put them to work for you!
  2. Your Lead Generation and Lead Follow-up: We work hard and spend money to get leads, right? Of course, we want personalized follow-up and for most of us we want to pick up the phone and call.  That said, one of the most amazing things ever is to have an automated, reliable, consistent follow-up system in place that does the work even when we forget or when we get too busy. And it works in parallel with any existing sales process you have in place. You’ll love this! The fortune really IS in the follow-up!
  3. Tech and Content: We’ll put automated systems in place in order to deliver consistent, targeted, and efficient results. This is where marketing automation is leveraged for you (see an actual campaign here) and ensures that follow-up is happening and money is coming in while you are sleeping or while you are on the road!

What does Kokoro mean?

Kokoro means heart, mind, and spirit in Japanese. And hey, isn’t that the key to sales and marketing? When we understand our customer’s heart, what that person wants and needs, then we can make sure what we offer truly benefits that person. 

Kokoro Core Values

Why are we in business? To take care of marketing for small businesses so they can do what they do best!  We use marketing automation and other digital marketing to help start sales conversations so they can focus on inventing, building, selling, and doing what they love most! Or, they can learn from us and do it themselves.

1. Integrity
Let’s all do what we say we’re going to do.

2. Why
Know why we do what we do. No doing stuff without understanding why.  (And we love Simon Sinek‘s “Why,” too!)

3. Kokoro
Heart, mind, and spirit! We love understanding the heart, mind, and spirit of the people we work with. And we aim for positivity.

4. Ready!
We make our content, projects, and everything as ready to go as possible, with an eye toward WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and “keepin’ it conversational.” Then we iterate and keep getting better!

5. Communication
Let’s all use open and honest communication. Our work is all about communication – it’s the center of marketing.

Meet the team

Cindy Zuelsdorf and Fallon Cavanagh of Kokoro Marketing

While we all have many skills and hats, here are our focus areas:

Cindy Zuelsdorf – Founding partner, sales and marketing expert, marketing automation expert (link to Cindy Z’s media sheet)
Fallon Cavanagh – Operations manager, digital marketing master
Katherine Copeland – Writer, specializing in copy that converts
Atisha Estrada – Social media, graphics and video
Lauren Poppins – Writer, marketing automation expert
Amy Gaylord – Accounts payable and receivable
Pat Brown – Accounts payable and receivable

Who is Kokoro?

Kokoro is Cindy Zuelsdorf, the team at Kokoro, Bob Decker, Chris Lesieutre and other members of the Dundee Hills Group companies. Kokoro is part of the Dundee Hills Group, a global firm that owns multiple specialized digital, public relations, and communications agencies serving small to medium-sized companies in the broadcast television, video, communications, and technology sectors. We’re a marketing automation and marketing agency for broadcast media and high-tech companies.

Kokoro uses Keap/Infusionsoft as its primary marketing automation tool; Kokoro team members are Keap Certified Partners with extensive training and experience in marketing automation campaigns, content marketing, lead generating, lead follow-up, and direct sales. We can tie Keap into your existing systems and work on strategies and implementations with your existing sales and marketing staff, tools, and website.

A bit about Cindy

Cindy Zuelsdorf, Kokoro Marketing, Infusionsoft Certified Partner

When I was a kid, my parents both worked in TV and I loved to go on basketball and hockey remotes with my Dad. Fast forward – I ended up selling and marketing hardware and software to TV stations. At this point I’ve worked in high tech for more than 20 years.

During the time I was selling and marketing equipment to TV stations, one thing I observed was that many companies were reluctant to use technology in their marketing systems because they were afraid it would make them seem impersonal. They’d always sold a certain way and felt worried that a system would change the organic way they were doing business and figured it just wouldn’t work.

However, I noticed that the really amazing companies were using systems to augment what the sales people were doing, to create success, and to help customers. I realized that really good sales and marketing systems create repeatability and success. Plus, leads and other crucial things don’t get lost.

I’ve also observed people at small and medium-sized companies working terribly hard, regularly putting in 12+ hour days. But these great people miss out on working smarter because they are too busy to stop and make their company better. I’ve seen first hand that systems can really determine the success of a company – the difference between good and great.

To see a system that is helping one of the many companies we work with right now, click here.

Keap certified partner
Cindy is API Guys Foundations Certified for Infusionsoft /. Keap
EmailSmart partner email deliverability email compliance

Kokoro Case Studies