How Does “Attract, Sell, and Wow” Shorten My Sales Cycle?

Life Cycle Marketing

When you think about your sales cycle, do you look at it in terms of “Attract, Sell, and Wow?”  It’s a proven framework and you can read a bit more about it here and find out how to apply it to your business.

1. Attract

Or, I don’t have enough leads.

I know prospects are on my website doing research and deciding if we’re on their short list or not, but I don’t know who they are. When I buy something, I do pretty much all of my research online before I buy. My customers must be doing that too. Is there a way for me to know who those people are?”

You already know that prospects are on on your website doing research and deciding if you’re on their short list or not. But do you know who they are? They are determining whether or not your company will be part of their new project or facility upgrade. People do up to 70% of their research before contacting you. Can you afford not to know who they are? Use marketing automation and find out who your prospects are while they are in the research phase.

2. Sell

Or, My sales cycle is just too long!

My sales people focus on the deals that are closing in the next 60 days. I’ve got leads falling between the cracks. What can I do with the ”warm leads”, the people who need education and info but don’t have budget yet. How can I keep them thinking about my products and services?”


People need to connect with you up to 7 times before they are inclined to buy. And they want info that is specific to their projects, not a general list of all the great things you offer. Use marketing automation to send them a series of emails and videos that are super targeted and useful to them. Make sure prospects are predisposed toward you when they are ready to buy.

What will you do with your leads after the next CES, NAB or other trade show?

3. Wow

Or, Is there a simple way to sell more, get a lot of referrals and be sure my current customers are happy?”

Yes! One of the top indicators of future success is how customers feel about your business. When your customer wants to refer you to his or her friends and associates, it’s a signal that your business will do well in the future. You can automate Net Promotor Score (NPS) surveys to your customers and be on top of this key performance indicator.

Repeat business, up-selling, referrals and testimonials can all be automated to your advantage.  Book a 15-minute call here and find out how.

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