Small Business Marketing Tips Dos and Donts 450x

Sign up: Small Business Marketing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts with oGoing and Kokoro

Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Founders… join us on Zoom to discover the most valuable Small Business Marketing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts with Cindy Zuelsdorf, founder of Kokoro Marketing and Sanjay B Dalal, CEO of oGoing, both marketing and business veterans. Sanjay and Cindy will share uncommon insights in 20 minutes with key takeaways for […]

Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Perfect Customer - WATCH REPLAY

Tools and Strategies You Can Implement Now to Reach Your Perfect Customers

After hearing my conversation with Bart De Moor and Manoj Sawalani – the second of the Excellence in Marketing Series brought to you by Digital Studio India and Kokoro Marketing – many folks mentioned feeling empowered to take action. Watch the recording now: Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Perfect Customer We talked a lot about […]

Marketing Strategies To Reach Your Perfect Customer

Excellence in Marketing Series

Join this webinar in Digital Studio India and Kokoro Marketing’s Excellence in Marketing Series with guest expert Bart De Moor, Sr. Manager Product Marketing at ST Engineering iDirect, and hosted by Manoj Sawalani, director of Digital Studio India, and Cindy Zuelsdorf, founding partner of Kokoro Marketing, this 20-minute webinar will focus on how you can reach your perfect customer and audience using smart marketing tools and strategies.

oGoing Kokoro replays marketing automation

Replays and Resources: Small Business Marketing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

Here are your Replays and Resources from the latest Small Business Marketing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts with oGoing and Kokoro. Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Founders… you can join us on Zoom every other Wednesday to discover the most valuable Small Business Marketing Tips, Do’s and Don’ts with Cindy Zuelsdorf, founder of Kokoro Marketing and […]

Cindy Z and Morgan Berns nab show leads

How to get more NAB leads and turn them into sales

Resources:Text the word DREAM to +1 530 203 5703 for the pdf Cindy Z (00:00)Glad you are here for how to get more leads and turn them into sales, especially for your NAB show, though this is going to work for any event or trade show that you have. If you’re looking for the best […]

Top requested marketing help for NAB

Top-requested marketing help for NAB

Top-requested marketing help for NAB / your next trade show(Starting more sales conversations) 🔥 Pre NAB lead machine – emails and 1 min videos to set up booth appointments, drive traffic to your booth🔥 Text from stage/presentation during NAB to capture leads (see how it works! Text the word SEVEN to me at +1 530-203-5703 […]

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MarTech: Marketing Tools That Save You 4 Hours/Day

Chris (00:01)Cindy, you and I have been friends for a number of years now, and I was thinking about this last night that when we were getting to know each other, this is what we were talking about. We didn’t call it Martech back then. We were talking about marking automation, and that was a […]

More Leads! – Sign Up

How to Get More NAB Leads and Turn Them Into Sales>>Live on March 21 at 8 PT / 11 ET / 3 UK Hosted by me, Cindy Z, with special guest Morgan Berns from TitanTV. Join this 20-ish minute session to find out:• How to get more leads at your show (what’s working right now)• Best […]

Cyber Intelligence with Cindy and John

Cyber Intelligence for Your Small-Medium High Tech Business

Resources mentioned in the session: Phishing scams targeting customers… Hackers stealing login credentials… Bitcoin ransom schemes… If you think these dark web nightmares only happen to huge corporations, think again. The bad news is dark web nightmares like these can happen to any size business (not just huge corporations).  I just heard about a $1M […]

New rules of email marketing

New Rules of Email Marketing

The new rules of email marketing are all about email deliverability and getting your emails to the inbox of the people you want to talk with. Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have changed how all of it works. Because they can.

I’ve learned a lot recently and am happy to share with you if you want to know more about this evolving topic. …get into SPF, DKIM, DMARC, engagement, and more…

How to Choose the Right Marketing Mix

The first webinar in Digital Studio India and Kokoro Marketing’s Excellence in Marketing Series brings you guest expert Andreas Hilmer, CMO of LAWO, Manoj Sawalani of Digital Studio India, and Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing. This 20-minute webinar replay reveals how you can smartly decide what the right marketing mix is for you and your company.

Digital Studio magazine

Kokoro Marketing Featured in Digital Studio Magazine as a Marketing Wizard of M&E

In case you missed the most recent edition of Digital Studio magazine that featured conversations with marketing trailblazers, here’s my contribution that talks about how we came to be, our unique marketing approach and strategies, and how we help the media and entertainment industry reliably start sales conversations.  Enjoy this unabridged conversation of Q&A Responses […]

Why Bother With PR and Marketing Anyway?

Have you ever come up against internal pressures like that question? If you work for a tech company, it’s all too common for some to think marketing and PR are a waste of time.

Watch this replay to not only help you make the case for demonstrating the importance of marketing and PR in tech, but go beyond that to explore what is worth your time and attention and how to prioritize the most effective strategies within PR, marketing, and advertising.

Short videos

How To Make Short Videos That Get Noticed

You already know videos are crucial for successful marketing, especially at trade shows, but creating content can feel like a massive challenge. Maybe you don’t know where to start, what to say, or the whole process just seems daunting? Find out how to easily make your next short video that stands out and starts sales […]

Stop spam bots

How to Stop AI Spam Bots and Preserve Email Deliverability

Did you know that besides spam bots being an annoying waste of time, you’re actually losing up to 40% of your (real human) leads because of them? Find out why and what you can do about it with guest expert Mihir Dhandha of Spamkill and host Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing. Watch this session to […]

The Power of Community: How to Build and Sustain Customer Forums and User Groups - Cindy Zuelsdorf and Lisa Collins

How To Build and Sustain Customer Forums and User Groups – LIVE! On Event Replay

Have you thought about starting a customer forum or user group, but weren’t sure where to begin? Discover the untapped potential of customer communities and find out how to build and maintain thriving user groups that drive business growth. Watch our interactive LIVE! On event with guest expert Lisa Collins of Dovetail Creative and host […]

Case Study: How FOR-A Got Consistent, Tangible & Effective Results From Their Marketing With Kokoro

Background FOR-A is a major manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast, sports and live events, house of worship, and professional video markets. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, FOR-A offers control room and production products like switchers, routers, graphics technology, media servers, production automation, and processors that are reliable, cost effective, and future facing. […]

Case Study: How 2110 Solutions Leveraged NAB NY to Start Sales Conversations with Kokoro Marketing

Background 2110 Solutions meets the demand for flexible, high-quality broadcast production solutions for managed IP networks. Committed to maximizing SMPTE standards ST 2110 and 2022-6 (HD-standard SDI), 2110 Solutions offers transition-to-IP products that take advantage of both the technical and creative elements the advancements have to offer like incredible flexibility and big cost savings. The […]

Love your LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Checklist: How to Use LinkedIn Better!

“I know I should be doing more on LinkedIn but I don’t know what to do first.”“I really need to update my LinkedIn profile!”“I’m not into social media but I should probably be using LinkedIn more.” If you’ve ever felt this way, read on. I got you!  What does it take to create and maintain […]

Case Study: How D2D Technologies Increased Key Selling Activities with Kokoro Marketing and Marketing Automation

Case Study: How D2D Technologies Increased Key Selling Activities with Kokoro Marketing

The Challenge Though it supplies advanced products for digital video contribution applications to media organizations of all sizes from houses of worship to PBS, D2D Technologies itself is a small business — practically a startup.  To help drive growth, the niche-oriented business needed to be able to target decision-makers within specific market sectors that can […]

7 Marketing Basics Podcast with Cindy Zuelsdorf from Kokoro Marketing

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Marketing Podcast?

Are you one of those people who learns best by listening? And if you’re lucky, something you heard will echo in your brain just when you need to recall it? That’s one reason I love listening to marketing podcasts: I absorb all kinds of great ideas. (Also, it’s guilt- free! I can be multitasking and […]

Marketing automation 101 workshop with Cindy Zuelsdorf at Kokoro Marketing - Keap Pro Quick Start

Marketing Automation 101 Workshop – with Cindy Z and Team Kokoro

   Have you ever inadvertently forgotten to follow-up with a lead? (You’re not alone!) Do you wish you had a system for collecting your leads in one spot, for growing your community, your tribe? I got you!! Join us live! Save your spot here for the Marketing Automation 101 Workshop – Keap Pro Quick […]

Online Dealer Training Blueprint

Online Rep and Dealer Training Blueprint

Online Dealer Training Blueprint: How to have a wildly successful global dealer training event  hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf with guest experts Mark Risby and Mike Heaney from Boxer Systems and DigiBox. As promised, here’s your checklist for success for your next online rep and dealer training: How to get the attention of reps and dealers […]

Media Training 101 – Replay

Do you ever have to do interviews with the press? Or do video interviews? Cindy Z here – I can tell you I was terrified during my first interview! I felt like I was going to toss my cookies. Oh man, the mistakes I made!! But things are better now… 🙂 Bob, Netra, and I […]

7 deadly sins of selling with Cindy Zuelsdorf and We Schaeffer

7 Deadly Sins of Selling with Cindy Zuelsdorf and Wes Schaeffer

You asked for it… here’ the replay of the “7 Deadly Sins of Selling” with Cindy Zuelsdorf and Wes Schaeffer The LIVE! On… 7 Deadly Sins of Selling was such a fine Saint Patty’s session! Wes gave some excellent, actionable info on selling and we all shared stories about sales “sins” we’ve committed in the […]