Fireside Chat

Bringing Authenticity, Confidence, and Responsibility to Your Marketing

This and more in my chat with Shell Vera! Shell Vera is one of my favorite people to talk to, maybe because she’s got such great energy, such a positive outlook. And she’s funny! As a voice discovery coach, Shell focuses on empowering people to discover their authentic voice for writing, speaking, and more. I […]

Live Webinar

Free Training: How to do a Live Webinar or Live Online Event (Get the Basics Fast!)

You can find the transcript below! Resources: 🧁 Free Zoom account  🧁 Keap / Infusionsoft – free trial 🧁 ActiveCampaign – free trial Here’s the basic equipment we’re using: 🧁 Lights 🧁 Mic 🧁 Webcam  🧁 Webinar Wiz system – info here Transcript Cindy Zuelsdorf: Hello! I’m so glad you guys are here today. So we are looking […]

NAB Show Exhibitors: What I Wish I Knew at My First NAB Show

If it’s your first or second NAB Show and you’re wondering where to start and how to be sure you get the most out of the show, this webinar is for you. Find the transcript down below. Resources and links mentioned in the webinar: Log into your Exhibitor Dashboard / Portal here – find your […]

NAB Show Webinar: How to Build a Social Media Strategy That Works

Need to know about Social Media Basics? This will totally save you if you’re wondering where to start… (You can find out about the full course or just the social media module right here) Resources and links mentioned in the webinar Tools: Canva – graphics tool Sprout Social – schedule your posts Resources: LinkedIn Checklist […]

Cindy Zuelsdorf and John Davis, NAB Show Small Group Session

NAB Show Small Exhibitors: Getting Traffic to Your Booth on a Budget

Cindy Zuelsdorf: It was my first or second show, I remember being in the central hall, looking across the aisle and seeing couple of big companies… I got my Makita out, was opening up the crate that I had boxed up myself and shipped off to the show… I had just grabbed a bunch of […]

Cindy Zuelsdorf and zKevin Joyce, NAB Show webinar video replay

NAB Show Webinar – How To Track Your Trade Show ROI

This is the resource page for NAB Show Exhibitors webinar with Cindy Zuelsdorf and Kevin Joyce. Mini ROI Checklist: 1. How Often Determine how often you will measure KPIs (key performance indicators). E.g. Weekly, monthly… 30 days or x number of days after event. 2. What Here are some KPIs to consider: Number of opportunities […]

Facebook ad disclaimer menu

How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Disclaimer

If you are running Facebook ads that require a Disclaimer, as political ads do, you may find that your Facebook ads Disclaimer needs to be updated. Facebook has upped the rigor around the Disclaimers as of Sept 2019. Although we had a Disclaimer in place, we’re now required to provide more data and jump through […]

Lead scoring dashboard

Are you responsible for sales and marketing at a high tech company?

  If you just don’t have time to do marketing, or would rather be talking with customers, or designing products, you might need a bit of marketing automation in your company. If you run a small high-tech company, maybe in broadcast media, or a broadcast television equipment or software manufacturing company, and find yourself wondering […]

How Does “Attract, Sell, and Wow” Shorten My Sales Cycle?

When you think about your sales cycle, do you look at it in terms of “Attract, Sell, and Wow?”  It’s a proven framework and you can read a bit more about it here and find out how to apply it to your business. 1. Attract Or, I don’t have enough leads. I know prospects are […]

NAB Show Webinar – Lead Follow-up After the Show

Join the Broadcast Media Marketing Group here Cindy: Hi, I’m Cindy Zuelsdorf with NAB show exhibitors Webinar and with Kokoro marketing. And today I’m here with Suzana Brady from Cobalt Digital. And we are going to look at the best way to follow up on your trade show leads. So now that it’s after the […]

NAB Show Webinar – Proven Sales Tactics To Use At The Show

Join the Broadcast Media Marketing Group here Cindy: We’ve been doing so many promos before NAB just helping all the exhibitors we work with get ready and follow up stuff ready for after the show and white papers and social posts and figuring out about driving traffic to the booths. I always say that this […]

Rule of 70

What’s the “Rule of 70?” Your prospects do as much as 70% of their research online before they contact you. Can you afford not to know who they are? Marketing automation makes it possible for you to engage with your prospects while they are researching, while they are deciding who’s on their short list and […]

NAB Show Webinar – Using Social Media (What Really Works)

Resources and helpful links: Join the Broadcast Media Marketing Group here No B.S. Guide to Social Media Marketing (by Kennedy) Facebook Live Video (How To Video) LinkedIn Insight Tag and Targeting (How To Video) Product of the year Sprout Social Delivra Hootsuite Social Media Managers Facebook Group Need to know more about Social Media Basics? […]

NAB Show Webinar

NAB Show- How to Save Money on Logistics and Avoid Extra Fees (Exhibitors webinar)

Resources and helpful links: Join the Broadcast Media Marketing Group here Exhibitor Insights – Tips For Managing Trade Show Freight Logistics Exhibitor Services – Important Reminders   Cindy: Hi. I’m Cindy Zuelsdorf with NAB show Exhibitor’s Webinar and Kokoro Marketing. Today we are looking at how to save money on logistics and avoid extra fees. […]

NAB Show: A Special Webinar for New Exhibitors

 A Special Webinar for New Exhibitors (What I wish I knew at My First NAB Show) with Kim Hogeveen and Cindy Zuelsdorf.   Resources and helpful links: Here’s the link to Kim’s most excellent checklist (Excel) Here’s the link to the Freeman Quick Facts for NAB Show 2019 (PDF) Join the Broadcast Media Marketing Group here […]

NAB Show: The New ROI Tracking Method for Exhibitions

Cindy Zuelsdorf: Welcome, everybody. Hi, I’m Cindy Zuelsdorf with NAB Show Exhibitors Webinar and Kokoro Marketing. Today, we’re looking at the new return on investment tracking method for exhibitions, ROI tracking. Maybe it’s not brand new, but it’s going to be new for some of you on the call who haven’t implemented ROI, and you’re […]

Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft and Keap

Infusionsoft Rebrands as Keap, Launches New Smart Client Management Software for Small Service Businesses Rebrand and product launch signal the industry leader is taking on a new, bigger market   CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infusionsoft announced today it has rebranded the company as Keap, a name that represents the very essence of […]

NAB Show: How to get people to your booth: What’s demand gen anyway?

A NAB Show webinar series Hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf with special guest Dave Cohen, Vice President, Marketing Communications at Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. Talking about how to get people to your booth and what trade show demand generation looks like for NAB Show. Cindy : Hi, I’m Cindy Zuelsdorf with the NAB Show Exhibitors […]

webinar wiz setup

The 3 Secrets to Doing a Successful Webinar or Live Video Event

Last week while I was helping a client prepare for a webinar, I ended up giving her a pretty sweet plan that might come in handy for you, too. From doing a live webinar /video event, to a “virtual” event, to streaming live to Facebook,  this article will help you with the first steps. Whether […]

Cindy Zuelsdorf and Neil Howman on the white paper webinar

How to use white papers to drive sales (webinar replay)

More than ever, your customers are hungry for knowledge and solutions to their problems. They will find the answers somewhere, so you have an opportunity to help them find the answers from you. Here is the replay of “How to use white papers to drive sales.” Resources: Go ahead and download the white paper worksheet […]

what i did at work today Infusionsoft Keap campaign

(Video) What I Did at Work Today…

Today I started working on some lead follow-up in advance of the NAB New York and SMPTE trade shows. Here’s a little behind the scenes… Part of what’s happening here is segmentation based on which product or application the person is interested in. Is this the kind of lead follow-up and product education you do, […]

NAB Show Webinar – Lead Follow up – It’s Not Too Late!

If the only thing you’ve done with your NAB Show leads so far is hand them off to your sales people, or dash off a quick email blast, it’s not too late. Join us to find out what’s working now for trade show lead follow up. NAB Show – Lead Follow up Webinar April 2018 […]

GDPR: Best Practices for Your Marketing

Marketing Best Practices – Kokoro Looks at GDPR The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to those of us who market to, email to, or sell to people in the EU. Here’s a look at some of the key GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) topics for our industry.  There’s a lot to GDPR and […]

NAB Show webinar with Charles Chuck Wagor III and Cindy Zuelsdorf

NAB Show: Special Webinar for First Time Exhibitors

A NAB Show webinar series Hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf, Kokoro Marketing with special guest Charles Wagor III, Web and Trade Show Manager at Markertek and Vice Chair of the NAB Show Exhibitor Advisory Committee. If you’re a first-time exhibitor or just want to get the inside scoop from experienced exhibitors, this webinar is for you. Topics include: […]