Case Study: How 2110 Solutions Leveraged NAB NY to Start Sales Conversations with Kokoro Marketing


2110 Solutions meets the demand for flexible, high-quality broadcast production solutions for managed IP networks. Committed to maximizing SMPTE standards ST 2110 and 2022-6 (HD-standard SDI), 2110 Solutions offers transition-to-IP products that take advantage of both the technical and creative elements the advancements have to offer like incredible flexibility and big cost savings.

The Challenge

Although the SMPTE ST 2110 standard has already been adopted and championed by many top-tier media brands, smaller companies are still catching up. They can spot the sea-change coming, but they may not be ready to jump in with both feet yet.

2110 Solutions sees it as their mission to build a bridge from the SMPTE 2022-6 SDI world. That means a big part of what they do is educate and build familiarity with IP networks and their benefits. Because 2110 Solutions is a new venture, Joe LoGrasso, Managing Director, sees the education process as an investment that will produce returns.

“A lot of people are interested because they know it’s coming, because it’s the future,” said Joe. “They may not be there yet and they’re looking to become more knowledgeable.”

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The Opportunity

Joe LoGrasso had known Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing for years, working in the same industry. When they started talking about how to bring in more prospects, Joe was on board with Cindy’s strategy to offer informative content that benefits potential customers by educating them on the transition to IP, while also getting them familiar with what 2110 Solutions has to offer.

With a little experimentation, they landed on a format of short, topical videos that worked. Click rates on the 1 to 2-minute videos increased and people started telling Joe that they were interesting and instructive.

When NAB Show NY came around, the team at Kokoro put together an email and social media campaign that included short videos to stir interest in meeting with Joe at the show and finding out about the products he offers.

“A majority of people came to the booth saying they wanted to see more or know more about what I was highlighting in the campaign,” Joe said. The marketing brought greater visibility to 2110 Solutions, and it also attracted high-quality prospects.

“The campaign worked on multiple levels in that it gave us visibility and exposure, highlighted what we’re about, and gave them that little bit of an appetizer, if you will, to come [see us at the show] and find out more and get the full course.”

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By the numbers:

  • 5 emails sent, 3 before NAB NY and 2 after the show
  • 7 social media posts on 2 targeted channels
  • 49 contacts clicked through to schedule a meeting at NAB NY
  • 11 more clicked to schedule a demo after the show

The Results

At Kokoro, we create marketing that starts sales conversations. For 2110 Solutions, that’s exactly what the NAB NY campaign did.

“A number of the people I talked to have turned into sales conversations already,” Joe remarked. These types of sales have long lead times, but prospects are talking about their plans, keeping Joe posted, and mindsharing, which gives 2110 Solutions the opening to make the case for the features and benefits of their products.

Some of these smaller companies that are new to ST 2110 are creating “2110 islands” within their existing SDI environments to educate their engineers and creative teams. It’s a “walk before they run” approach that allows 2110 Solutions the opportunity to prove themselves and the cost savings and flexibility of their products so that over time, they can be adopted more widely.

What Joe has discovered is that his time is more valuable consulting with companies about their transitions and having sales conversations, rather than putting together marketing campaigns. By outsourcing that effort to Kokoro and freeing up his valuable time, the result is engaging content that attracts more prospects. 

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