Case Study: How D2D Technologies Increased Key Selling Activities with Kokoro Marketing

The Challenge

Though it supplies advanced products for digital video contribution applications to media organizations of all sizes from houses of worship to PBS, D2D Technologies itself is a small business — practically a startup. 

To help drive growth, the niche-oriented business needed to be able to target decision-makers within specific market sectors that can benefit from D2D solutions. To reach this target audience, D2D wanted to enhance its status as a trusted authority, develop a presence rivaling that of larger competitors, and put its brand and messaging in front of the right people in the right way. The company turned to Kokoro Marketing for help.

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The Solution 

The Kokoro team worked with D2D to promote and host a webinar on a popular new video transport technology that is transforming the broadcast industry. Sharing their knowledge and insights into how to leverage this technology successfully, D2D experts established themselves as authorities on the topic and demonstrated their willingness to answer questions and solve issues for prospects and customers looking to adopt this technology. 

Kokoro created video clips from this webinar that drew additional views on YouTube, further increasing the visibility of the D2D brand and its experts. The marketing agency also used webinar content to generate a guide on the same topic, which became the centerpiece of an automated email marketing campaign that extended D2D’s reach and influence with potential customers.

“Nobody in this industry buys anything impulsively,” says Colyer. “Every prospect or customer requires a certain amount of nurturing from the start, and the work we’re doing with 

Cindy helps us to seed the right people and establish D2D in their minds. They may not be ready to buy now, but as they work on budgets for the coming year and eventually call for bids, we’ll be in the mix. They will have heard of us — maybe even recognize us from the webinar and videos — and know that we’re nimble and committed to delivering solutions that work. They will be ready to get on a call or meet at a trade show to discuss their needs, and we’ll be ready to show them what we can do.”

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The Results

Since partnering with Kokoro to level up its marketing efforts, D2D has seen a variety of positive results. The company is getting inquiries from people who have seen D2D videos on YouTube and D2D’s website blog. Quote requests are on the rise, and D2D finds itself in the running along with much larger companies. A lot of new people — high-quality, targeted prospects — are coming forward with inquiries too, just as Colyer had hoped.

“We’re definitely making a lot of headway in reaching our goal, which is simply to get out there, playing with the big dogs and helping people get to know us,” says Colyer. “What we need to do is what we’re doing right now: expanding our audience. It’s like planting a tree. You don’t throw a seed in the ground and start eating apples the next day. A year later is when you really start to see customers come in. People don’t fork over money right away. But when they go to build out a facility or network, or take on a new project, that’s when the D2D name automatically springs to mind. That’s when this work really starts to pay off.”

D2D the challenge


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