Case Study: How FOR-A Got Consistent, Tangible & Effective Results From Their Marketing With Kokoro


FOR-A is a major manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast, sports and live events, house of worship, and professional video markets. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, FOR-A offers control room and production products like switchers, routers, graphics technology, media servers, production automation, and processors that are reliable, cost effective, and future facing.

The Challenge

In Japan, FOR-A is a widely known brand, but its visibility in the US is more limited than the company would like. “Once customers purchase and use FOR-A products, they really like them, but the issue is that people don’t know the name,” said Satoshi Kanemura, President and COO of FOR-A America.

So the big challenge that Kanemura and his team are tasked with is increasing the visibility of the brand and products in the US. First, they tried advertising to elevate the brand’s awareness. “It’s very difficult to measure the effect of advertising,” Kanemura reflected. “How many people see it? We don’t really know.”

That – along with limited time and resources – is one of the reasons FOR-A America started working with Kokoro Marketing. “Kokoro proposed a more effective, more tangible, more quantitative way of marketing” that appealed to Kanemura right away.

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The Opportunity

Cindy Zuelsdorf and her team at Kokoro proposed using measurable emails, webinars, and reports to grow the brand’s reach, all managed through Keap marketing automation software so that data can be analyzed.

It’s part of a strategy to not only increase visibility, but also encourage more two-way communication, where FOR-A is talking to customers more, customers are talking to FOR-A more, and feedback about the products and needs within the industry are flowing both directions.

“Kokoro is very proactive and feedback-based,” Kanemura said. “Everyone here is really busy, so Kokoro is always actively engaged in what should come next,” to keep the conversation with customers and potential customers continuous.

For one recent project, Kokoro created a PDF report and organized a webinar, plus emails and social media posts to promote them, about 3 smart ways small news stations are cutting costs these days, focusing on automation solutions that eliminate mistakes, reduce workload, and avoid costly add-ons and annoying licensing.

Based on feedback from small news station customers that FOR-A was hearing, the webinar provided tangible tips and solutions from FOR-A and their partner, Aveco. Watch the replay.

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Clockwise from left, Jim O’Brien of Aveco, Satoshi Kanemura of FOR-A, and Jared Pieper of Aveco talk on the webinar, News Automation: 3 Ways to Drastically Reduce Costs and Licensing.

“They’re very professional and organized running webinars. So we don’t need to worry about anything with the webinar set up,” remarked Kanemura. “They organize it, direct it, and then run the webinar.”

During the webinar, the Kokoro team engaged with each participant in the chat to invite them to book a meeting with FOR-A during the upcoming NAB Show and follow up with any specific questions that they weren’t able to cover during the jam-packed session.

“And even after, they gave me all the scores and quantitative information about how many people were there, their names, and how to follow up, plus they follow up with eblasts,” he continued. “So it’s very sequential and continuous.”

The Results

The results of the 3 Smart Ways Small News Stations Are Cutting Costs campaign have been very positive all around. “The direct replies back to me and my sales people from new customers, existing customers, and former customers are very happy with the webinar, eblasts and report,” Kanemura said. Even important industry leaders have taken note. “It’s been a very tangible, visible reaction from customers and very positive.”

Jared Pieper shows off Aveco’s live production automation software on the webinar, News Automation: 3 Ways to Drastically Reduce Costs and Licensing.

Most importantly, Kanemura thinks the campaign could increase the number of new clients within key markets because they have started sales conversation as a result of the report, emails, and webinar.

It has been a major turn around since doing one-off ads. “An advertisement is just one shot,” he reflected. “But Kokoro thinks through the beginning, then engaging, then capturing, and so on. It’s a good step-by-step approach.”

“I’m very happy with Kokoro’s professionalism, especially with the quality of the content,” he continued. “It’s very direct to the heart. It’s not boring and technical. It’s more friendly and conversational.”

“They create great content for emails without my consultation, so all I have to do is make minor changes. And that’s very, very useful for me – they don’t eat up my time,” said Kanemura. “Once I tell them what I want to accomplish, they’re going to make it happen. It’s a very effective working style as a partner.”

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