Case Study: Turning Leads Into Sales – How Challenger Communications Worked With Kokoro Marketing to Bring In More $$!

The Challenge:

The primary focus at Challenger Communications is to put customers first. For the head of sales and marketing at the company, this means there is limited time to follow up on new leads effectively or to execute marketing campaigns that keep the company in front of customers and prospects. 

“Even though I’d meet prospects at trade shows and have a great conversation, things would go cold after an email or two because I simply didn’t have time to follow up and nurture that relationship. If I didn’t hear back from them, I was onto the next thing. And as long as I was staying busy, I just wasn’t going back and following up with people.” 

While Challenger is small, the company has been growing. With a little more money to spend on marketing, Sorgi decided it was time to get help in designing, implementing, and maintaining marketing campaigns that could nurture existing relationships while expanding broader awareness of the Challenger brand.

The Solution:

“I had been in touch with Cindy on and off over the past few years, and I could tell that her marketing system works because she did a good job of following up with me and keeping our conversation going,” says Sorgi. “Though I think she had initially reached out to me, I would up going to her and Kokoro Marketing when I needed help designing a marketing campaign, getting it rolling, and maintaining it over time.” 

Working with Cindy Zuelsdorf and the team at Kokoro, Sorgi and her colleagues at Challenger held a webinar on a hot topic in broadcasting, sharing their expertise in a live conversation and then leveraging video from the event online to draw further traffic to their Vimeo site and to the Challenger website.

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The Results:

With Kokoro’s help, Challenger executed an email campaign offering a free PDF guide, providing value to customers and prospects — and keeping the company’s brand in their awareness. Prior to a couple of different trade shows, Kokoro helped Sorgi run another email campaign to engage people and give them the opportunity to book an in-person meeting at the show (or virtual if they preferred). 

“We sent out emails asking if people would be at the show, and I started getting ‘yes’ and ‘no’ replies back,” says Sorgi. “They felt as though they had received a personal email, and they responded in kind. It allowed me to keep up that connection in a genuine way, but without all the work of writing to every single contact.”

Building on all of this work, Kokoro helped Sorgi to enrich the Challenger website with blogs and other content created to address common customer questions and pain points. 

“Since we started working with Kokoro, we’ve definitely become more engaged with our customers,” says Sorgi. “Now we’ve got a lot going on, but I don’t have to physically do all the work. And our marketing work is turning into leads and sales. That’s the biggest impact for us.” 

The campaigns developed and executed by Kokoro have brought Challenger more leads, more prospects, and more customers. The company is fielding more inquiries, largely because these new marketing efforts have put the Challenger name and product offering in front of more people.

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