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Social Media: Do I Have To??!

Social Media: Do I Have To??! I’ve noticed that a lot of my new clients groan when I mention social media. I often hear, “Do I have to??!” What a lot of people don’t realize is that by putting in just a few minutes here and there, you can make a big impact with social […]

NAB Show Webinar: How to Build a Social Media Strategy That Works

Need to know about Social Media Basics? This will totally save you if you’re wondering where to start… (You can find out about the full course or just the social media module right here) Resources and links mentioned in the webinar Tools: Canva – graphics tool Sprout Social – schedule your posts Resources: LinkedIn Checklist […]

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How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Disclaimer

If you are running Facebook ads that require a Disclaimer, as political ads do, you may find that your Facebook ads Disclaimer needs to be updated. Facebook has upped the rigor around the Disclaimers as of Sept 2019. Although we had a Disclaimer in place, we’re now required to provide more data and jump through […]