How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Disclaimer

If you are running Facebook ads that require a Disclaimer, as political ads do, you may find that your Facebook ads Disclaimer needs to be updated. Facebook has upped the rigor around the Disclaimers as of Sept 2019. Although we had a Disclaimer in place, we’re now required to provide more data and jump through a few more hoops.

Just the other day I got an email from Facebook that said, “Your ad is disapproved,” due to the new Disclaimer requirements.

Your facebook ad is disapproved

Here’s a look at the step-by-step process for getting your Facebook Disclaimer going.

  1. Navigate to your Facebook page Settings and look for Authorizations on the left.

Facebook ad disclaimer menu


2. If you have not yet confirmed your identity with Facebook, you’ll need to go through that process in advance of getting your Disclaimer approved.  You can upload your passport or driver’s license. Mine is already confirmed which is indicated here.



3. Choose the type of Disclaimer you want to use.  I selected “Other.”


4. Facebook has a bit more info about what they require in order to create a Disclaimer.


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5. Fill in all of the details and be prepared for Facebook to verify the info.




6. Next, you can expect Facebook to call the phone number you provided and give you a numeric authorization code.  Type the code into the provided dialog box and wait to hear back if your Disclaimer is approved or not.


Now you can get back to your Facebook business manager, dialing in your creative, honing your targeting, and getting the word out. Happy advertising!


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