Fast lead capture for shows and traveling: Use your phone to get leads into your CRM

When you are at your next trade show – NAB, InfoComm, etc. – or on the road, you can put leads directly into your CRM fast by taking a picture of the business card with your phone. This article shows how to do this using Keap, but if you have a different CRM or database it should work much the same way.

Even if you have the lead capture system from the show, using your phone to get contacts into your CRM is still great. We all meet people in the aisle or an industry event and want to add them to our show leads, right?

Simply load the Keap App onto your phone. Here are links:

Cindy Zuelsdorf using Infusionsoft Mobile app to snap app business cards and leads into CRM at the IBC Show in Amsterdam
Photo credit: Saifudin Sani

When I’m at a show, most days I take a coffee break, find some wifi, and take a few minutes to add my new contacts into Keap right there. Here are a couple of pro tips:

  • Tick the box that says you have permission to email the person when you review and approve the contact within the Infusionsoft mobile app.
  • Apply one or more tags to automatically send follow-up emails, indicate product interest, etc. You might have a campaign already set up that sends an email along these lines, “Great to see you today. I’ll send the info we talked about shortly. In the meantime, here’s a link to the video I mentioned. Have a great day.” Might this work for you, too?

You’ll need to login to the Keap app on your phone with your Keap ID (your email) and password. Let me know if you need any help. It’s very intuitive and you’ll be able to figure it out quite easily, but go ahead and keep reading to see screenshots and a little more detail.

Load the Keap App onto your phone. You can see it in the upper left of my screen.

From inside the Keap app, choose the plus (+) sign in the upper-right corner.

I usually snap a photo, but it’s great to have the option of manually typing in contact info..

Take a picture of the business card and click Use. Then wait a few minutes until you get a notification to approve the data.


Once you snap a photo of the photo, it will be put into the Snap queue. The status will start as Awaiting Processing.

Once it’s been processed it will be marked as Needs Review. If you have phone notifications setup for the app, you’ll get a notification when the business card Needs Review

Edit or add info if needed. Apply tags as desired to start campaigns, automatically send emails, trigger tasks, and more.

Very important: Click the box indicating you have permission to send emails to this person.

The Keap App saves so much time it’s crazy! Please enjoy all of your new-found spare time 🙂

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