Favorite Tools

Hey there! Here’s THE list of must-have tools you can use for running your business. These are our faves – just wanted to share:) You can save hours each day. Reclaim your time, reclaim your life!!


Top sales and marketing software to get you more organized, help you track leads, do follow-up, and close more sales. This is the main tool we use to automate sales and marketing.  When you buy Keap (Infusionsoft) from us you get the best price + bonuses – our top 7 automations/campaigns and a quick start setup session. Or to demo first, use this link for a trial.



Here are the •Portable LED lights, •Box lights, •Rode Mic, • Blue Yeti Mic,  •Webcam we use for webinars, online events, and meetings.

Go High Level

Newest, most affordable CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, SMS, prospecting, and social posting tool. Buy from us for the best price plus get two free setup sessions. Contact Cindy Z or Fallon to make that happen. Or jump right into your 14 day free trial, no credit card needed.



Lights and Rode mic for webinar

Here are the •Portable LED lights, •Box lights, •Rode Mic, • Blue Yeti Mic, Webcam we use for webinars, online events, and meetings.



OBSBOT Tiny 2 webcam


OBSBOT Tiny 2 Webcam is crazy small and clips right onto my laptop, no kidding! If I say, “Hey, Tiny!” it wakes up and auto focuses.  4K, gesture control and voice control PTZ, AI tracking, auto focus… 




Restream.ioRestream lets you stream live to 30+ social platforms at once. We use it to livestream to LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously every Tuesday.  Check it out here. (Free sign up)


SpamKill – Protect yourself from spammers without using CAPTCHAs. Nobody like CAPTCHA – it actually scares off 40% of people who want to sign up for something. SpamKill is better by a mile.



EmailSmart certified partnerEmailSmart free checker helps you get your emails to your clients inbox. Works with most popular email service providers and marketing automation software. Use this and avoid the spam folder!


Fix Your Funnel

If you got an SMS reminder from us for a webinar, or have texted us at our number 530-203-5703 it came through Fix Your Funnel.  Use a keyword-driven automated conversation to open the door to texting with your customers. If you want to dramatically increase sales, start having 2-way conversations with prospects and customers via text message.  You can get your $1 trial here. And to check out the user experience, text the word SEVEN to us at 530-203-5703 to get our free resource PDF. You’ll see the magic:) Great for presentations, text from stage at a show…


OnceHub (formerly ScheduleOnce) is the meeting scheduling tool we use and love. If you ever booked a meeting at www.CindyZuelsdorf.com, you used OnceHub!  It integrates with our Google Calendar, Zoom, and automatically sends reminders. We love it! Plus they offer Live Chat and a ChatBot, too.


Add over 60 tools to your marketing automation. A fave it the add-to calendar tool (maybe you saw this in your email reminder from us today?) And so many more… Check it out here.



Google workspace logo


We use Google Workspace for email, file sharing, and more.


Telestream ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow –  Looking to make video recording and editing easier? ScreenFlow is the perfect Mac-based tool!  This is a favorite for making client videos, doing screen recording, and editing webinars – it’s easy to add logos and annotations, too.



Loom Loom- Quick videos everywhere you need them. You and your team already collaborate on documents, project planners, CRM’s, and learning management systems. With Loom, any video you record can be watched directly where it is shared.


FuseDesk – is the best customer ticketing/customer support system for integration with Keap CRM and business automation software. 



AsanaAsana – Manage all of your projects and team members in one place. This is where we keep track of our projects. You can delegate and assign tasks, add new team members, make notes, have conversations about tasks, make task templates (love this!), and more.



Harvest – You can track your time and your team members’ time, invoice clients, create reports… Great for solopreneurs and large companies. We rely on this.



Slack – We use this instead of email with our team. You can file share, put everything in one place, get notifications, and use their phone app.


LastPassLastPass – Do you need to securely share passwords with your coworkers and customers? Who doesn’t?!  (Please don’t use your web browser for passwords. Or a Word Doc. Or sticky notes.) It’s secure via encryption and it’s one of the easiest and most trusted password-sharing platforms around. Yes, we all still need to use best practices and common sense:) 




Canva – Easy, great for sharing with your team, now with AI. Easy resizing for different platform.  Our go-to.




BeaconBeacon – If you want a no-hassle, fast, and easy way to create awesome lead pages then Beacon is for you. Whether you’re promoting your opt-in or e-book, you can easily publish your content anywhere on several platforms in just minutes with Beacon. We use it when we need a quick checklist to go with a video or blog post but don’t want to do a full Indesign project. Works great.


GrammarlyGrammarly – Are you an English major? I’m not! Grammarly is a browser plugin that will keep an eye out for misspellings and bad grammar as you write it.



purechatPureChat – WordPress plugin that instantly connects you with your customers through live chat. Capture new leads, give instant answers to customer questions, take chats on-the-go with the mobile app, and seamlessly integrate with other software.


iubendaIubenda – Super fast and straight-forward implementation of cookie and GDPR compliance notifications on your website. Be compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations.



Klean13 – Clean your email list. Find out which emails are bad. Klean 13 is list hygiene software that gets you increased inbox placement, better conversion rates, and better email delivery.


BuzzSprout – Get your podcast launched – start for FREE.


AgoraPulse – Social media management – the one we use!


Sprout SocialSprout Social – Social media management with excellent metrics.


Create dozens of posts with a few clicks and schedule your entire social output months in advance with Missinglett. If you don’t want us to help you with your social, do this instead LOL!


Tube BuddyTubeBuddy is a free (or paid) tool that tells you which keywords to use on your YouTube videos and channel… Free sign up here. Get found on YouTube!


Lights and Rode mic for webinar

Here are the •Portable LED lights, •Box lights, •Rode Mic, • Blue Yeti Mic, Webcam we use for webinars, online events, and meetings.