My book, the Female Entrepreneur’s Playbook is available in Paperback on Amazon RIGHT NOW.

THANK YOU! The book I coauthored hit Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release and more… >>> But I am so proud that we raised enough money to provide 8 families of 4 people each clean water for life 🚰 with ThirstProject and with RIP Medical we will be eradicating $100,000 of⚕️debt. All book proceeds are going to these 2 non-profits to benefit others. 💵 ❤️
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There has never been a more perfect moment to grab your copy of the brand new Female Entrepreneur’s Playbook. Inside 21 female entrepreneurs (me included!) share their secret strategies for building a business that you love and getting paid for it.

More women than ever are starting businesses — yet so few are sharing how they do it. Why? Because being a successful female entrepreneur is hard work and comes with a unique set of challenges that many don’t share.

Each chapter is written by a different female entrepreneur who gives candid and advice-fueled answers to empower women to lean into their zone of genius and create a business they love.

My chapter (at the end because “Z” 😂😂) is all about how and why I started Kokoro, the ups, the downs, what worked, what didn’t…

Grab your paperback copy here.


Female Entrepreneur's Playbook is #1

If you want to know what happens behind the scenes of a growing business, this is your guide. If you want to create wealth, opportunities, and freedom in your business then we’ve got you covered. Whatever is holding you back from having the business of your dreams — whether it’s lack of experience, not knowing where to begin, money issues, or not understanding how to turn your purpose into profit — this book shows you how other women have walked the path, faced challenges, and built a business that thrives.

The Female Entrepreneur’s Playbook will change how you think about your business as 20+ successful entrepreneurs reveal their secrets to building a business that complements and enhances their lifestyle.

You’ll hear from ads strategists, business strategists, book coaches, creatives, automation gurus, wellness and health coaches, and so many more incredible women.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why your hero’s journey is an essential part of your brand and story.
  • What to do if you need to generate revenue fast.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make.
  • Why failure often leads to success.
  • What self-care routines help maintain physical, emotional and mental health.

And yes, even if you already grabbed the book for Kindle or iBooks…grab the paperback copy as well.

I’m not kidding when I call it a desk reference! You’ll want a highlighter and a notepad! Guaranteed!

Plus, when you buy your copy, proceeds will go back to a great cause! All proceeds are going to RIP Medical Debt and Thirst Project. (We’re splitting the proceeds between the two.)

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