How to Choose the Right Marketing Mix

In my conversation with Andreas Hilmer and Manoj Sawalani – the first of the Excellence in Marketing Series brought to you by Digital Studio India and Kokoro Marketing – there was one topic many of you pinpointed as a takeaway.

Watch the recording now: How to Choose the Right Marketing Mix for 2024 

We talked a lot about figuring out personas and how they can drive your decision making when you’re trying to prioritize among all of the options out there. 

Here’s what one attendee said after… “From the webinar, I found reassurance that I can more tightly define my audience and use a persona designed for that audience only. I do plan to “color outside the lines” and appreciated the affirmation. And I got some fodder to push for a CRM program for direct emails, especially the $42 ROI for each $ spent.”

You’ll also hear about these other topics when you listen to the recording… 

  • How to figure out how to reach your ideal clients
  • When your budget is limited, how to decide what you want to prioritize 
  • Where trade shows fit in the mix – and how you can get the most out of that investment
  • Building trust and relationships through your marketing
  • Whether to seize opportunities as they come up, even if they are not in the ideal mix
  • The easy method to keep track of all of your marketing 

Here’s the biggest takeaway several of you had… There is a way (and a need!) to combine marketing systems with a personal touch. 

One attendee said to me, “It’s the blend of man/woman and machine that stood out. You did converse about tools, but at the same time, a lot about the person, being different, and being unique. In many companies they do not speak enough about it.”

What about you? Do you have thoughts on combining systems and automation with a human connection?

It’s one of the things Kokoro clients consistently tell us helps them start sales conversations. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

Do you have that part of the marketing mix mastered yet? If not, get in touch with me so you can make marketing easier and more effective using systems, without losing that all-important personal touch that sets you apart.

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How to Choose the Right Marketing Mix for 2024