How to do ad retargeting to your website visitors and prospects using LinkedIn and Facebook

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You know how we all talk about being everywhere our customers and prospects are, right?

Easier said than done, I know. 🙂

Trying to be everywhere at once – on all the socials, email marketing, plus keeping up with your website – (not to mention everything else you have going on) can feel like juggling… with 6 or 7 balls in the air!

It’s a lot to keep up with.

But if there is an easy way to reach the same people who have already shown an interest in your products or services, you’d jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Check this out to discover everything you need to know to start using ad retargeting to reach the people who visit your website on LinkedIn or Facebook too.

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Find out the exact steps to use LinkedIn ad retargeting to reach people who have visited your website.
Discover how to make sure that your dream clients will see you on the social channels they use.
Learn how to narrow by your customer list, lookalike audiences, specific job titles, companies, and more.
Gain insight into what the LinkedIn Insight Tag is and how to set it up.

Here’s a look at a few more details including the LinkedIn Ad Account menus.