How to use Facebook Live at Your Next Trade Show or Event

2 Minute Video: How to Use Facebook Live at Your Next Event, Trade Show, or Just For Keeping In Touch Online

Using Facebook Live is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. And when we get back to participate in events and trade show such as #IBCshow, #NABShow, Faceb0ok Live gives you a great way to take your followers behind the scenes and potentially expose your business to a whole new audience. Plus, you can use it to drive traffic to the booth during the show. Posting a live video means you will no longer have to make a point to edit and post videos after the fact. With Facebook Live, the hardest work is done before you press the “Live” button. Here’s a quick guide (two-minute video) to getting started with Facebook Live.

How to use Facebook Live at NAB and IBC from Cindy Zuelsdorf | Kokoro on Vimeo.

Why Facebook Live?
While live video in any context is valuable to anyone who wants to reach people immediately, there’s more to Facebook Live than the simple act of streaming live video. People are watching video content more than ever, and videos have 135 percent more reach than photos. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes Facebook Live videos, putting them at the top of viewer timelines. With Facebook and all social media sites emphasizing video content, the benefits of using Facebook Live will only grow in time.

Using Facebook Live
The really great thing about Facebook Live is that, in addition to these perks, Facebook Live is super easy to use. All you need is a WiFi-connected mobile device and, if you’re posting from your business account, the Facebook Business Suite app. (You can also use the traditional Facebook app if you prefer to go live using your personal account.)

Whether you’re using Facebook Business Suite or the standard Facebook app, navigate to your page. From there, click the “Live” button towards the top of the screen. This will take you to your camera, with an overlay that prompts you to enter text describing your live video. Be sure to take a look at your screen and make sure your camera is focused the right way – you don’t want to inadvertently video yourself instead of the trade show! Once you’re all ready, click “Go Live”, and your video will start airing in real time on Facebook Live.


Once you’re live, the fun’s just beginning. Facebook will automatically send a notification to all of your followers letting them know that you’re displaying a live video. Your followers will then be able to join your stream and watch the very video you’re currently recording. You’ll be able to see any comments people make about your video just after they’re posted.

When you’re done recording, click “Finish” to end your video. From here, your video will be archived so that anybody who wasn’t able to watch live can see what they missed out on. This video will be available on both your Facebook page and in the news feeds of your followers. Again, because you used Facebook Live, your video will be given a higher priority than any other type of video in your followers’ feeds.

You can also take advantage of Facebook’s advertising capabilities to help your video reach a larger audience. When the video is done airing live, you’ll be able to boost the video, targeting it towards the type of audience you’re trying to attract. Additionally, you can create a blog post focusing on the content of your video, then update your video post to include a link to the blog. Lastly, you can download the video and use it for any other purpose you can think of.

Facebook Live is an effective way to show your audience the latest developments in your industry. Go live at your next trade show and expand your social media following!


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