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Buy Keap from us and we’ll pass on any special pricing we can get for you.

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When you buy from us you also get Kokoro’s 7 most popular automations and 1 hour of setup/training! We are a Keap Certified Partner.

Keap Pro

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Keap Classic

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Do you need help getting started? We can help you!

Want help getting started with Keap? Want to learn Keap and get marketing help from a Keap Certified Partner?

Buy a Block of Time

Buy a block to time with Team Kokoro. We can help you with your digital marketing, or answer your marketing questions. Great for done-with-you projects and training.

Super Starter Package

Includes a 5-hour block of time with Team Kokoro, a combo of done with you, training, and done for you. Bundled with our popular 7 Marketing Basics Course.

Discovery Phase Project

We’ll audit your current digital marketing and come back to you with a short-term marketing plan you can put to work immediately. You can take the plan and do it yourself or you can hire us.