Infusionsoft’s WordPress Web Opt-in Forms (video)

If you are using both Infusionsoft and WordPress, I have some great news for you! Infusionsoft now has (free) forms you can use on your WordPress site! When someone fills in the form on your website to sign up for your newsletter, video, or white paper, that person automatically goes into an Infusionsoft campaign. Watch this three-minute video I made for you that shows how it all works.

I love this because it’s all integrated with your WordPress site and brings people right into your Infusionsoft campaigns.

I’m using a few of the forms now on my website including one that lets people sign up for my short video series on marketing. In the video, I take you through how to install the forms on your WordPress site and how to connect the forms to your existing Infusionsoft campaigns. Or you could build a new Infusionsoft campaign.


Infusionsoft wordpress webforms 4

You can go to WordPress plugins and look for the official opt-in forms from Infusionsoft. Here’s the link. Once they’re installed you, activate the forms and enter your Infusionsoft app name and API key. If you have questions about API key or any of that just ask me.

When you create your first form, you’ll see there are pre-made designs you can start with. You can change them up and put in different colors and text as you like. Styles include slide up, zoom in, bounce, fade in, and more. Once someone fills in the form you can give them a thank you message or take them to a URL.

From the Infusionsoft side, you tie the form to a campaign using the new WordPress goal. Drag the WordPress opt-in goal onto the canvas and use the goal’s dropdown to select the form you already created on your WordPress site. Hit publish and then you are good to go. If your campaign is set up to send a series of email out or take them right to a video, it’ll work great.

Now people who sign up for something on your website, whether it’s a video, or white paper, or your enews, can go directly into your Infusionsoft app. Most excellent!

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