Know, Like, Trust: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Customer Is Not Forgetting You


An NAB Show booth is a great way to raise brand awareness and give prospects a chance to get to know you better. Offering a sneak peek at your booth offerings, the NAB Show Daily helps you to connect with show visitors before they actually step on the show floor!

Keeping your brand and products or services top of mind for show attendees, you can not only drive traffic to your booth, but also encourage prospects to take advantage of hands-on demos or to schedule a meeting during the show.

Marketing expert Cindy Zuelsdorf has a formula for making sure customers don’t forget you, and it works great across all kinds of platforms and outlets. She shares her secret in a recent blog post on the “know, like, trust” approach to marketing.

Know, Like, Trust: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Customer Is Not Forgetting You

I think I first heard about the “Know, Like, and Trust” approach to marketing from Zig Ziglar –I love it and use it all the time! It has been such a successful approach, actually, that I finally formalized it into a campaign that most of my clients now use. It draws on the buyer’s journey and ties right into your Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan {link }.

At its core, “Know, Like, Trust” is about making and keeping the connection with your prospects and customers. You foster a trusting relationship — the center of the sale — and ensure that your customers are thinking about you so that when they are ready to buy (when they have budget) they call you. Capture that mindshare!

How does it work? Start with the “Know” element. To help your prospects get to know you, can introduce yourself in a quick video or two where you talk about a recent project and the problem you helped to solve. As you provide value and expertise, prospects will come to see that you are invested in their success.

When talking with my clients, I always stress that it’s important to deliver first before asking something of the prospect in return. Not everyone agrees, of course, but I feel that if your prospects feel they are already getting a helping hand from you, they will be much more willing to make a purchase at some point in the future.

Keeping up a “Know, Like, Trust” campaign requires ongoing communication to be truly effective, which is why I love to use marketing automation to support this process. As prospects engage with the content you supply — video clips, website, email, trial, blog post, etc. — the automation system can capture those leads and apply lead scoring that informs next steps. Your prospects can be automatically funneled into further engagement, such as a demo or consult, based on their previous interactions.

If the lead score gets to a certain threshold, your automation system can alert you or a salesperson through a simple email or notification that it’s probably time to get in touch and start a conversation with a particular prospect.

The Know, Like, Trust approach is a natural progression for generating leads and guiding people into an ongoing relationship with you. You can use marketing automation — and you can also just give’ em a call or message them. Reach out, and make it easy for them to take the next obvious step (appointment, demo, etc.)

Next Steps:

✅ Go ahead and share your best, most valuable info! When you share information of value with your prospects, and they will recognize and love you for it. Share the wealth. Share the love. It will help your prospects, and it will keep you visible.

✅ Put a checklist or guide together with something super helpful for your customer. What 3 or 4 things do they need to understand, avoid, learn, do? Look in your outbox and find those things everybody always asks you about. Write those down. Make a PDF or video and share it via email, social, anything that reaches your people.

✅ Follow-up with anyone who reads your PDF checklist or watched your video guide. Send an automated series of follow-up with excerpt of the PDF, for example.

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