Module 5: Meeting, Demo, Trial System

At the end of this module you’ll be able to:
  • Determine which to work on first for your business: Meeting, Demo, or Trial
  • Set up a system to drive prospects to your meeting, trial, or demo
  • Find out what’s working now and use it for yourself
  • Sell more
  • Track relevant KPIs (key performance indicators)
Discover which of the three, Meeting, Demo, or Trial, is best for you. Plus, a look at how life cycle marketing plays a part in your plan. After you watch the video above, go to the video for the next step: Meeting, Demo, or Trial.

Your Meeting System

Follow along in the Guided Worksheet to design your plan. Use any email system or calendar you like. Later, add in extra tools as you desire.

Bonus: Meeting System using OnceHub

This is the system we use and love. Take a look!

Your Demo System

Find out how to put a Demo System to work for your business. Be sure to use the Guided Worksheet.

See how to build your Demo System in Keap

Discover how we create trial campaigns that deliver.

Your Trial System

Find out how to leverage a Trial System in your business. Use the Guided Worksheet with this video.

Bonus: Build Your Trial System in Keap

Check out this campaign/automation and how to build it for yourself.

Bonus: Build Your Trial System in ActiveCampaign