NAB Show

Let’s meet at NAB!

Let’s meet at the show, catch up, and chat about your marketing challenges and needs. Book a 10 or 15 min slot here. See you in Vegas!

Cindy Z at NAB Show in Las Vegas

Top-requested marketing help for NAB
(Starting more sales conversations)

🔥 Pre NAB lead machine – emails and 1 min videos to set up booth appointments, drive traffic to your booth
🔥 Text from stage/presentation during NAB to capture leads (see how it works! Text the word SEVEN to me at +1 530-203-5703 to get the PDF resource I mentioned)
🔥 NAB follow-up system
🔥 Super sweet LinkedIn system to start sales conversations…
🔥 Webinars start to finish – we take care of everything you need
🔥 Guides/white papers marketing system that gets leads and start sales conversations

A special blend of 1) what your customers care about the most, 2) your goals, and 3) marketing automation is what we use to get all of this done! Do you need any NAB help?

Press Release + Trade Show Emails + Media Prep Package  $1999

Special NAB Package includes writing and distributing your press release, copy for your NAB show promo/follow-up emails (3), interview cheat sheet, 1:1 twenty min media training (prep for all types of press interviews, find out what editors want to know) We’re partnering with Wall Street Communications for this one.
($4800 value!)

Kokoro + KitPlus Video Marketing Package $1999 🔥🔥🔥

Use a tiny fraction of your NAB budget to get new people seeing you now! You get new eyeballs on you and your company, video content you can use for your marketing, custom marketing package prepared for you and ready to use with emails, blog, & social content all prepared for you. We’re partnering with KitPlus. ($3900 value!)