NAB Webinar: 4 Steps to Successful Lead Follow-up

I worked with NAB Exhibit Services to bring this webinar to NAB Show exhibitors.  We covered questions that exhibitors sent in prior to the webinar and new, best practices on successful lead follow-up. For those who want to get more return on their NAB Show investment, watch this webinar.

Some exhibitors go to a show – collect leads – send a quick thank you email – pass off the leads to the sales people – and hope for the best. They are leaving money on the table! There’s a better way, and I’ll tell you what that is.

Get details on what’s working now for turning leads into sales. Topics include:

  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead follow-up systems
  • Making automated follow-up personal
  • Lead scoring
  • Turning leads into sales

Get the free NAB bonus kit here. Includes lead follow-up plan you can use for this year’s NAB.


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