Evergreen Nurture/Mindshare Campaign

Most sales people focus on deals that are closing in the next 60 days. What do you do with the ”warm leads,” the people who need education and info but don’t have a budget yet? A great way to keep them thinking about you and your products and services is by using an Evergreen Mindshare Campaign. It’s evergreen because you can use it all throughout the year; add people to it as you meet them.

A. Evergreen Nurture/Mindshare Campaign

  • Promote your company, products and applications through email, on social media, and on your website.  3-10 email series, blog post, social posts, with call to action (CTA) to take the next step in the buying process (e.g. download trial, book a meeting, schedule a demo.)
  • Evergreen – use it year round.  Add new prospects to this campaign when you meet them.
  • Lead scoring based on engagement.