Know, Like, and Trust Campaign

Know Like and Trust Campaign

“How do I get people to visit us at our trade show booth?” and “How can I get people to know our company better?”  are questions we hear quite often. A series of short videos as part of a really sweet marketing campaign – that’s the answer!  When your prospects see you and hear you talking about what problems you solve and how you can help them, they will get to know you better; they will like and trust you more. Videos and stories work best when they are authentic and natural. People buy from people they like, right?! This type of campaign is working really well, especially when you use the videos in multiple places including email and social media.

Worried about the video part?  Don’t worry!  We’ll do the shoot with you, edit the video, write the stories, and make it all really easy.  Promise.

A. “Know, Like, and Trust” Campaign

  • We’ll work with you to create a series of 3 super short (1 min) videos with key people or a key person in your company. One quick topic/pain point/application per video.
  • We’ll take each story and write an email and post.
  • Videos can be used on LinkedIn, your blog, an automated email series, your trade show booth listing, YouTube, and more. 
  • Determine what type of call to action is the best fit (trade show appointment, request a demo, etc.).
  • Lead scoring based on engagement.

A few thoughts about Know, Like, Trust
I’m not sure exactly when I first heard the Zig Ziglar quote about “Know, Like, and Trust,” but I love love love this idea. In fact, this approach is so successful so often that we finally formalized it into a campaign that most of our clients now use.

The Know, Like, Trust approach is built on the idea that relationships are at the center of sale. It draws on the buyer’s journey and ties right into your Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan.

At its core, Know, Like, Trust is about making and keeping the connection with your prospects and customers.

Naturally, you begin with the “Know” element – help your prospects get to know you. You might introduce yourself in a brief video or two where you talk about a recent project and the problem you helped to solve.

By connecting through short video clips and providing information related to your prospects’ industry and the specific challenges they face, you will get into the Like and Trust part of your relationship.

>>> When you give value and expertise, it becomes clear to prospects that you are invested in their success.

We’re all about the abundance mindset. It’s important to deliver first, before asking something of the prospect in return. Not everyone agrees with this, but we feel that if your prospects like what they’re getting — and feel they are already getting a helping hand from you — then they can move forward and make a purchase at some point down the road.

Marketing automation (one of our fave things!) supports this process quite nicely. As prospects engage with the content you supply — video clips, website, email, trial, blog post, etc. — the automation system can capture those leads and apply lead scoring that informs next steps. Your prospects can be automatically funneled into further engagement, such as a demo or consult, based on their previous interactions.

If the lead score gets to a certain threshold, your automation system can alert you or a salesperson through a simple email or notification that it’s probably time to get in touch and start a conversation with a particular prospect.

The Know, Like, Trust approach is a natural progression for generating leads and guiding people into an ongoing relationship with you.