LinkedIn Mindshare – Ads and Retargeting

Kokoro’s LinkedIn Trifecta helps you start more sales conversations! You get:
1. LinkedIn Connections and Conversations
2. LinkedIn Mindshare – Ads and Retargeting (details below)
3. LinkedIn Content + Posts
👉🏽 If someone visits your website, you can make sure they see your posts on LinkedIn (or Facebook) by using retargeting. We’ll set everything up, run it for you, and provide metrics so you can see reach, frequency, and more. We need to be everywhere our clients, prospects, and customers are, right? Get that mindshare!

With Kokoro LinkedIn Mindshare you get:

•  LinkedIn or Facebook ad retargeting to people who have visited your website, 1 ad/paid post each month
• Or target people who visited your LinkedIn company page, your email list, your ideal customers (based on where they are, industry, and job title).
• LinkedIn Insight Tag or Meta Pixel setup (it’s free tracking code that’s similar to Google Analytics)
• Metrics and reporting

Awareness ads can use a video or graphic and are similar to a regular LinkedIn post. Lead ads ask people to sign up with their contact info in exchange for something such as a PDF or software trial. You get leads (when people sign up) and metrics.

We’ll manage it all for you. You pay for the ad spend, you decide the amount to spend – whether it’s $5 a day, $500 month, or more.

Ads can go to people who visit your website, your LinkedIn company page, your email list, or to your ideal customers (based on where they are, industry, and job title).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Schedule a call” button and choose a time that’s a fit for you.
  2. We’ll meet and talk through the top 2-3 goals you have for your business and look at how LinkedIn can help you get there.
  3. If it’s a fit, we’ll schedule your kick-off call and get your Kokoro LinkedIn Mindshare system set up and running!

Feel like you want to hear about the details, see exactly how it works? Here’s the video for you!