LinkedIn Content + Posts

Kokoro’s LinkedIn Trifecta helps you start more sales conversations! You get:
1. LinkedIn Connections and Conversations
2. LinkedIn Mindshare – Ads and Retargeting
3. LinkedIn Content + Posts (details below)
👉🏽 Feel like you want to have more presence on social media but don’t have the time for it? Or just don’t feel like doing it? We’ll log into your LinkedIn to do posts and take care of everything for you.

With Kokoro LinkedIn Content + Posts you get:

  • Posts created with your target audience/persona in mind
  • 2 post per month on your company LinkedIn, 2 per month on your personal LinkedIn
  • Video posts
  • Content Calendar
  • Build your following
  • Posts for you, your staff, your company
  • 1 article per quarter
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag, Facebook Pixel setup
  • Metrics and reporting

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Schedule a call” button and choose a time that’s a fit for you.
  2. We’ll meet and talk through the top 2-3 goals you have for your business and look at how LinkedIn can help you get there.
  3. If it’s a fit, we’ll schedule your kick-off call and get your Kokoro LinkedIn Connections and Conversations system set up and running!

P.S. Need your LinkedIn profile updated?
Wish someone could just do it for you? We got you! Sign up here.