Speaking and Training Event Campaigns

You’re going to speak at an event (in person or virtual) or run a training event – so what’s the best way to 1) get people to your event, 2) capture their contact details, and to 3) follow-up with attendees in a reliable, consistent way? We got you!

A. Promotion and Registration Campaign

  • Promote your event, tell attendees what they will get when they come. Use 3 emails, lead scoring, social media, website.
  • Set up a registration page for events where you want to have people sign up.
  • Send email confirmations and reminders.

B. Get Leads From Stage Campaign (for speaking gigs and presentations)

  • Let your prospects text you or use a QR code to get to a form to sign up for something they’d love to have such as the latest white paper, a behind the scenes block diagram, a discounted price, or some other amazing offer.
  • Automated follow-up.
  • Ingterate to your CRM.

C. Lead Follow-up Campaign

  • Follow up emails sent based on product or application interest (3 segments).
  • If you don’t have segmentation from the show, the first email can serve as segmentation system.
  • Call to action to take next step in buying process (e.g. download trial, schedule demo, download data sheet).
  • Lead scoring based on engagement (if your app supports it).