Webinar Campaign

webinar or event campaign

Webinars are the best alternative to a live meeting or event. Use webinars to converse with your prospects and customers about your new products, latest technology, and top product applications. It’s the same conversation you have with customers every day, right?! Webinars help prospects to know, like, and trust you.

A. Webinar Promo and Registration

  • Promote the benefits of your webinar and ask people to register for it.  Use 3 emails, video, social media, website.
  • Fill in a form to register.
  • Send email confirmation indicating registration is confirmed.
  • Email reminders before the webinar.
  • Ingterate to your CRM.

B. Webinar Follow-up

  • Follow up emails sent based on if they attended the webinar or not.
  • Call to action to take next step in buying process (e.g. download trial, schedule demo, download data sheet).
  • Lead scoring based on engagement.

More: Webinar Production

  • We’ll do a rehearsal with you and give some direction to ensure success.
  • We’ll be on the webinar with you (we’ll be invisible) making sure all runs well.
  • Record and edit the webinar.
  • Handle the chat box and encourage engagement with attendees.
  • Need us to provide the webinar platform, too? Can do!