RVing Alaska

If you RV, or have ever thought about it, this book is for you!  And if you’d like to know what it feels like to drive to and through Alaska, read on…
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“As we traveled across the water from Haines, Alaska to Juneau aboard the sleek hulled Catamaran Ptarmigan, we slid over the waves at more than 20 mph while ice calved off into the sea at the shoreline. In an aquatic display, Orcas, “Killer Whales,” breached up out of the water not far from us as we became imbued once more in the “magic of Alaska.” We took in this majestic grandeur just as we had in the many other times it had presented itself to us.
At a parking spot near Laird Hot Springs I was looking across the passenger seat at some burrowing ground hogs when I glanced back to my left to see a buffalo’s nose about an inch away from mine – on the other side of the window glass! It didn’t take long for me to get the RV moving…”

Kay and Bob share experiences they had in Alaska, RV tips and tricks, local food and folklore, Milepost details, and more in RVing Alaska.

Coming soon on Amazon. Get the PDF here, right now.