Smart Strategies for Being Everywhere Your Customer Is


You’re planning to exhibit at the NAB Show this year, but what else can you do to make you’re where your prospects and customers are?

Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing offers useful tips on how to claim mindshare and keep your company and brand top of mind with prospects. In her blog “Smart Strategies for Being Everywhere Your Customer Is,” she shares techniques that work time and time again, whether for a show newsletter or mobile app, a booth at the show, or even a follow-up email after it’s all over.

Smart Strategies for Being Everywhere Your Customer Is

When a prospect is ready to buy, you want them thinking about you! That’s why it’s so important to get your name out there and remind people that you’re a valuable and trusted problem-solver. Be where your customer is, and be ready to offer value! Some people call this “omnipresent marketing” – have you heard that term?

I have a list of strategies that I created from one of my favorite things – the Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan. I use it all the time! It seems simple, but it’s so very effective.

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Just pick one and get started! You can use these for any and every marketing plan.

1. Target + Attract

Have you already defined your perfect customer? Think about the last 10 or 20 people who bought from you. (Or, if yours is a newer business think about the first 10 people you’d like to buy from you!) Ask yourself a few questions: How old are they? Where do they live? What problems do they have? What are their values? And, probably most important, what do they want?

Now think about how to attract these people. What information would be incredibly helpful to them? With the answer to this question, you can move forward in providing prospects with the right messaging and information on the right communications platform.

2. Collect Leads

Make it easy on yourself and use a simple, efficient method for collecting your leads. Can someone fill in a form on your website, text you, book a meeting, and automatically get added to your email marketing system? Can you use your mobile phone to snap a pic of a biz card and have them and automatically go into your data base? If you want to improve your lead collection systems, now’s the time!

3. Educate + Help

When a prospect shows interest and engages, how do you educate and help them? Look back at those same questions you asked about your perfect customer. Also look at your interactions with other prospects and customers. When people talk with you or message you with questions, what are the things they always ask? If you can answer those questions and be of service, they will be more likely to buy from you. So, be the expert who provides the info they need — and make it easy to access.

4. Offer + Close

Do you have a good way for someone to try out your product or service? Maybe it’s a download or trial software? Is it easy for prospects to buy what you offer, and is the pricing clear? Is payment simple? And do you have a system in place for those times a prospect doesn’t follow through to make that first payment?

5. Wow

Once you have turned a prospect into a customer, ask how you can exceed their expectations. Delight them, even! Keep new and existing customers happy and coming back for more. In addition to building loyalty and generating repeat business, you set yourself up for testimonials and referrals, which is a fantastic way of getting new business. Use automation to make it easier for you — and to make sure no customer falls through the cracks.

Wondering what your next marketing plays should be? One of these steps could be perfect for you. If you have a minute, let me know how they work out for you!

Next Steps:

Make sure you have a totally solid system for getting your prospects into your CRM / database. This is a great starting point, and it sets you up so that you can follow up!

Go ahead and deliver a guide, white paper, or video with helpful information. Put this into an automated campaign so that you can continue the conversation with any prospects who ask for more information. Or make it available on your website with a simple sign-up form. It works, so go for it!!

If you aren’t already, use an online calendar to make it even easier for prospects and customers to book a meeting with you.

Put your knowledge and brand out there with a new webinar or online demo.

Create a newsletter or evergreen email campaign that will automatically maintain a connection between you and prospects in your CRM or database. Keep them thinking of you!

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