Module 3: Social Media Basics

At the end of this module you’ll know:
  • What to put in your posts to get noticed
  • How to use a content calendar and schedule posts
  • How to set up a LinkedIn or Facebook ad to go to people who recently visited your website
  • Which tools save the most time and are most cost-effective
  • When to use custom audiences and lookalike audiences
  • What to do first if you’re just starting out
Don’t miss all the videos on this page. They’ll show you step-by-step how to create your Facebook business page, LinkedIn personal profile, publish posts, use hashtags effectively, and even run powerful Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads!

What to write in your posts, what graphics to use, hashtags, scheduling posts, and more

Facebook Basics: Create your Facebook business page, create posts, and more

Facebook Next Level: Using the Facebook Pixel, Ads Manager, retargeting, lookalike audiences, and more

LinkedIn Basics: Your profile, connections, where the action is on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Checklist, and more

LinkedIn Next Level: The LinkedIn Insight tag, retargeting your website visitors, and more