Top questions at the recent marketing clinic

I loved doing the IABM marketing clinic again this year, working through challenges and goals with some very cool exhibitors. We dug into so much including; Marketo lead magnet campaigns, webinar integrations, Infusionsoft lead nurturing, digital advertising, product pitches, and more.

Chris and Cindy at the IABM Marketing clinic
Chris and Cindy at the marketing clinic

On the first day of the clinic, a software manufacturer came in to work on a pitch for their services. We talked about who their perfect customer is and what problems customers face. The marketing manager and I worked on a new message that clearly told what they offer and who they are for. We came up with a new plan for developing the perfect wording for their pitch.

Next Chris and I went through an advertising plan with the CMO of a hardware company. We looked at alternatives to what they were doing and discussed ROI tracking.

Later in the day, a fairly large company came in to discuss lead generation and lead magnets. We worked through some options on how to get the most results and which technology is best for their goals.

Day 2 questions from the clinic included: Does social media work in our industry and can you give me some examples? What’s the best lead follow up?  What are people doing with video? Is my company too small to try other types of marketing?)


Thanks to everybody who joined the clinic this year!


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