Top-requested marketing help for NAB

Top-requested marketing help for NAB / your next trade show
(Starting more sales conversations)

🔥 Pre NAB lead machine – emails and 1 min videos to set up booth appointments, drive traffic to your booth
🔥 Text from stage/presentation during NAB to capture leads (see how it works! Text the word SEVEN to me at +1 530-203-5703 to get the PDF resource I mentioned)
🔥 NAB follow-up system
🔥 Super sweet LinkedIn system to start sales conversations…
🔥 Webinars start to finish – we take care of everything you need
🔥 Guides/white papers marketing system that gets leads and start sales conversations

A special blend of 1) what your customers care about the most, 2) your goals, and 3) marketing automation is what we use to get all of this done! Do you need any NAB help? Let’s talk!

Watch the < 7 min video for more info you can use right now:

Good to see you! So, if it’s okay, I’m gonna share with you the top requested marketing help that people are calling up and asking us for right now in advance of NAB. Seven minutes of marketing for you!

All right? The top things people are requesting, and, and I’m telling you this because you can do these yourself or of course if you ever want help, gimme a shout…

These are things that you can put into play for your own marketing.

  1. So the top top thing that we’re getting requests for right now is our pre NAB lead machine. That’s emails, usually some short videos, maybe a one minute video, a few one minute videos. A link to book a calendar appointment with you or a link to at least request an appointment on a form. And all of this is gonna drive traffic to your booth. So a bit of an NAB preview of what you’re going to share at the show. Maybe you’re holding some stuff back until end of March or April, but you know, you can preview a bit of it right now. And then as you get close to the show, roll out a bit more out. So the whole series is all set up, ready to go.

I remember when I was working at a video company and, you know, you’re getting closer to the show thinking, “I’m gonna do that next week…” Or “I’m gonna do that tomorrow.” But stuff gets away, it’s really hard.

So we help people set up that pre NAB lead machine! OK, that’s the first thing.

  1. Another thing that we’re doing… I just talked with someone on Friday about this, this will be really cool, It’s the text from stage way to get leads. And I’ll give you an example of that right now. So right now, if you text me the word SEVEN, get out your phone, text me the word seven at my number 1 530-203-5703 So text me that word: SEVEN You’ll get a chapter of my book 7 Marketing Basics.

So you can do that when you’re giving a presentation at the show. If you’re, you’re on the AIMS stage, or you’re on your own booth stage, or whatever you’re doing, even if you’re in a webinar or post show, whatever it is, if you tell people something like, “I’ve got a special blueprint for you,” or “We’ve got a behind the scenes look at how this station was put together…” Whatever the thing is you are offering… “I’ll send that to you.” Just take out your phone out, text me the word SEVEN And then in my case, when you text me the word seven it goes, “Hey, what’s your email address?” and asks you a couple quick questions. You get the PDF immediately. It’s all set up in advance.

You can do that too, of course! Otherwise use a QR code that sends the text or takes you to a quick form. Anyway, setting that up is key!

Because how many times have you been to a show, maybe given a presentation or sat in the audience, somebody’s talking and then it’s like, “Hey, that was really great.” And then everybody gets up and walks out and the person talking thinks, “Maybe there was 50 people there, but I didn’t get anybody’s names except the one person who talked to me afterward.”

So we need a really good way to engage people and start that sales conversation, right? So that’s the second thing.

  1. The third thing is having your NAB follow-up system in place in advance of the show. Yes, there are gonna be things at the show you’ll want to add in, that’s okay. Have the system set up in advance. And so with one company we’re working with, we’ve set up a really cool set of emails that go out right away, during the show and they’ve got a couple helpful links that take you to some really nice resources on particular technologies. That goes out right away to anybody who came by the booth. And we can throw a quick picture of the team in the booth so they can remember you and grow that “know, like, and trust,” which is so good. And you also could even track the link clicks in the email, which is sometimes accurate, sometimes not spot on, but you can kind of get a good idea of what somebody’s interested in. And so if somebody’s clicked on one link but not the other two, you can be pretty sure that they’re interested in that topic. So it’s a great way to do some segmentation as well. So NAB follow-up system, have that in place before you head to show. I know, crazy because you’re getting your last minute stuff ready.

Another one… Ooh, I’ll do two more and then we’re going be at the end of our time here.

  1. Another one is a super sweet LinkedIn system to start sales conversations. You can target people by company, by title and reach out and make a connection with them. You can do it all in an automated fashion. And then of course, once they start conversing with you, you take over that sales conversation.

Marketing in my opinion is meant to start a sales conversation, and this is just helping you with that process of getting the the conversation going. Then as soon as they reply, you take that conversation over, book an appointment, whatever you’re gonna do. So LinkedIn system… I think I’m actually gonna do a LinkedIn Trifecta Training, a little quick pop-up training in the next week or so. So if you’re interested in that, let me know. I could go through the three things that we’re doing on LinkedIn to help people right now. One of them is targeting people by company, by title, and then connecting with them. And then automatically sending a quick “Hey, good to connect. Are you gonna be at NAB? Want to meet up?” That kind of thing. And it works. So, so let me know if you want to hear more about that. I’m pretty stoked about it!

  1. And next – webinars, start to finish, We take care of everything for you.

I know there’s this feeling like, “Oh, I don’t know what to say… It’s gonna be really hard.” We got you.

And I’ve got some case studies that can show you exactly what we’re doing for folks on that.

And then finally gonna wrap after this one.

  1. Guides or white papers – marketing systems that gets leads and start sales conversations.

We are working on a really cool one right now. Yeah, anyway, they didn’t release everything yet, so I’ll just keep that to myself.

But it’s a really sweet one that gets into some specific applications for a particular television application and goes through all the details. And we’ll be able to make it so people can sign up for that.

Once they sign up, they get some follow up emails that are always leading to the next call to action, which is either download a trial or get on a call. So just if people want to take the next step, we make it really easy for them.

Those are the things – you should do them all. If you want any help, these are things that I love doing. Our team loves doing them. Have a beautiful day. Talk soon. Bye.

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