What To Do Next In Your Business? (How to Use This Marketing Master Plan to Skyrocket Your Business)

I was talking with a friend yesterday about the “holes” in her biz, she called to chat about what she should do first and what would give her the most bang for her (marketing) buck… check this out…

The Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan is built on three main pillars, or phases: attract, educate+sell, and wow. (Some people also call these phases collect, convert, and create.) Together, the strategies and tactics deployed in each of these phases allow you to establish a unified and continuous process for guiding prospects toward a purchase and driving ongoing engagement.

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Above is an example of how one company took a look at its marketing using the Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan. Each red circle indicates a hole, or opportunity.

OK, now let’s talk about your company, your business…

Attracting your customers — or, generating leads — is the first phase of Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan. Who are your customers? How do they find you? What information or interaction do you offer to draw them in? How do you capture their data? And how do you nurture them?

You can use your own experience with current customers to answer some of these questions. Tools such as your website and marketing automation can help you identify prospects who, in doing their research, have shown interest in your business, products, or services.

Selling your customers is the second phase. Here you focus on how prospects select what you’re offering. What is their buying process? What makes your service or solution the clear winner? What “irresistible offer” can you make? How do they pay? How do you deliver?

Wowing your customers is the third phase. Deliver the purchased product or service as promised, and now you think about how you can over-deliver. Add that special touch they will appreciate and remember. Distinguish yourself from the other companies with which they do business. Ultimately, by wowing your current customers, you not only build loyalty but also set yourself up for referrals, which is a fantastic way of getting new business.

When you use this sweet framework to think about your company, your business, where are the holes (a.k.a opportunities)?  What needs attention first?  Is it time to put a plan, a process, in place for your existing leads, the people who are already in your database or on your “list”?  (This is the biggest opportunity for a lot of people.) Or maybe focusing on lead generation or on what you do after someone has a demo or meeting with you. Want a bit more info…

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Kokoro Lifecycle Marketing Master Plan

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