(Video) What I Did at Work Today…

Today I started working on some lead follow-up in advance of the NAB New York and SMPTE trade shows. Here’s a little behind the scenes…

Part of what’s happening here is segmentation based on which product or application the person is interested in. Is this the kind of lead follow-up and product education you do, too?

Enjoy and use anything that’s helpful to you! Did you see anything in the video that you can use?


Hey, so I’m building a couple of campaigns to deal with NAB New York and SMPTE, follow-up people who visited the booth, so I just thought I’d share a couple of things that we’re doing.

So we’re gonna tag anybody who comes to the booth. Maybe we’d put “booth visitor” on there and attach that to here. One of the people I’m working with wants some of the leads segmented by product interest. So we’ll throw an email in here. I’m gonna put a date timer in so we’re sure not to send it too late. I don’t wanna send it January after the show. We wouldn’t, but just like inadvertently.

Iin this email I’ll, say, we can put some information in here. And here we’ve got our email. So we can just add a little more info about what we want to say, “Thanks for visiting us to the show,” and then maybe put a product detail or application detail in here. And then, we can have them, say, visit the shop. We’ll say “Download the specs” or something like that here, and this one could say “Watch the video” or whatever you want it to be. I think for what I’m working on it’s going to be “Download the specs” and “Watch the video”, so I’m starting out with that.

And then for “Download the specs”, then we’ll send them to a particular URL or we can have them actually just download the PDF specifically, so I’ll put the PDF in there. And then we’ll tag the person for App A interest. So I have that, all right, and I’ll create the tag. And so for Application B, “Watch the video”, we’ll send them to a URL, put that in, and then I’m going to say App B interest. There we go. And so that will do the segmenting right there.

Now I want to go back to the campaign here. We could put in a second email, like if they haven’t answered the first one. I’ll go ahead and copy that email over here and then we can just change it up a little bit. So if they don’t go ahead and click we could say wait … we’re going to I guess send it November or something like that here. Put that in there, there we go. And the first one we want to send right away, like during the show, so maybe we tag them during the show tomorrow or next week, something like that. So we put that in here.

Okay, let me go back. All right, so depending on what they’re interested then, if they’re interested in application A or application B we can decide where we send them. So let’s see, if they clicked on App A, if they clicked on App B, then we can send some more interesting info. So if they clicked, say, on the white paper, “Send more info on app A” and then we’ll go ahead and put some more emails in there. And then we can have like the call to action in there to book an appointment, download a trial, get a demo, whatever it is.

All right, so off to a great start on lead follow-up. I hope you guys can use this. You can use this probably in any sort of marketing automation software you are using. I’ve got Infusionsoft, you could use Marketo, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, any of those same kind of concepts are going to work for everything. All right, happy shows in October.

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