How To Do A Webinar: 
Create and Deliver Webinars that Crush Your Marketing Goals 
​(even if you've never done one before)

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Get Real Results With New and Improved Webinar Skills

  • Control the pace and flow of conversation to keep the audience engaged
  • Capture valuable information about participants and their concerns and interests
  • Generate high-quality video that adds credibility — and is valuable for future brand promotion
  • Develop relationships with participants and lay the foundation for ongoing communication
  • Get marketing and sales results

You know that in today’s busy workplace, a webinar can be the most effective way to communicate with prospective clients, educate them about a product or technology, and address any concerns or questions that could get in the way of further inquiry — or even a sale!


But there’s a lot more to a webinar than inviting some people to join you on a conference call. Even a basic video conference can be a painful experience if the technology doesn’t work just right or if the host is poorly prepared. Unfortunately, we’ve all been on that conference call too many times!

(Though it’s a bit long in the tooth now, one of my favorite YouTube videos still is a promo for Upside called “A Conference Call in Real Life.” Check it our for a laugh... I promise it will feel all too familiar.)

        Lighting so bad that it’s hard to see the speaker properly.

        Audio that’s difficult to understand or just hard on the ears.

        An unfocused, wandering discussion with no benefit to the attendees.

        No call to action or purpose.

        A glitchy webinar platform that makes participation difficult.

        You get the idea...

Any of these factors can kill the effectiveness of a webinar. Just one of these determinants can lose you a sale, or even the chance to engage further with a prospect.

I’ve worked with numerous clients to help them make the most of the precious opportunity a webinar provides for connecting with current and prospective customers. I found myself offering the same tried-and-true advice over and over again, so I decide to created a class that offers proven techniques for running a webinar smoothly, from start to finish.

Whether you’re introducing a new product, discussing new technology, or driving sales, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time to encourage attendance and to make sure you run a totally pro webinar that delivers value to your customers and prospects who have chosen to participate.

Learn How to Do a Webinar

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In a word Cindy is “amazing.” Cindy is a marketing expert who understands complex technical concepts like an engineer and is able to explain them through her marketing. In the past I have struggled finding marking professionals who understand the broadcast television markets and technology. Cindy gets it. She is able to explain and speak to customer pain and present solutions through marketing. Cindy is an expert at marketing automation (especially but not limited to Infusionsoft), email marketing, online lead generation, Facebook ads, social media marketing, LinkedIn marketing, graphic design, webinar marketing, white paper or ebook marketing, content marketing and so much more. She stays up to date with the latest marketing trends and automation tools. Cindy is a valued member of the VidOvation marketing team. She is a true pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Jim Jachetta

MS EE, CTO VidOvation

What You Get From Our  Webinar Workshop

• Video class you can watch at your convenience (approx. 1 hour)
• Your own login that gives you  access to the class and bonus material for 1 year

• Planning worksheet you'll complete during the class - walk away with a solid plan for your webinar

• Bonus PDF "Technical Considerations for Your Next Webinar" – tells you what equipment and tools we use for our webinars with clients

You'll come away from this  workshop with a solid plan in place for your next webinar.  Whether you're planning your first webinar or have done them before, you'll have a custom 3 step webinar success blueprint.  

Here are the 3 steps and exactly what you'll learn:


Before your webinar

Purpose, planning, goal setting

  • Deciding what topic you want to share and how it will benefit your audience
  • The "WIIFM" consideration
  • Setting goals , deciding on your call to action
  • Logistics, webinar platform, registration, reminders

Webinar how to


During your webinar

Making it a success!

  • The presentation
  • How to get people to participate
  • Should you use a script?
  • Guides, worksheets, downloads
  • Delivering your call to action
  • What about Q&A?


After your webinar

The follow-up

  • Personalized follow-up
  • Segmentation
  • Offers
  • Was it a success?

Bonus! Receive a PDF of "Tech Considerations for Your Next Webinar" when you sign up!

Cindy actively feeds my obsession with results! She knows her craft inside and out and her extensive knowledge of Infusionsoft and digital marketing is truly impressive. Cindy's professionalism shines through in everything she does!

Carolyn Archambault

Marketing & Comm


The webinar is among your most effective marketing tools, particularly when used as part of a larger sales strategy. 

I’ve consolidated input from seasoned pros from across the industry, as well as from longtime experts in broadcast and production, to create a straightforward plan for setting up the webinar, drawing a quality audience, and priming participants to engage meaningfully in the event.

In addition to walking you through the secrets to managing your speaker and guests throughout the presentation and Q&A, I’ll share with you some proven follow-up techniques my clients have used to turn a webinar into a sales win.

If you want a solid plan that encompasses the “before,” “during,” and “after” elements of running a great webinar, this class is for you! You’ll find out how to put on a professional event while minimizing technical headaches and eliminating the many unknown factors that cause promising webinars to tank.

Take action now and build the skills you need to put on webinars that will boost your clients’ profile among prospective clients. Don't miss out! Get the tools essential to giving a cost-effective production a high-end look. Learn the secrets to turning a successful webinar into a vehicle for long-term sales success. 

Cindy Z

Still not sure? I'm giving you a 100% money back guarantee.  If you watch the 1 hour class, download the blueprint, do the work, but don't think your investment was worth it, call me and I'll refund your money.  

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