New marketing that delivers leads, sales and referrals

How to get more sales leads and use a system that makes your lead follow-up consistent and effective

  • Generate more leads
  • Stop your leads from falling between the cracks
  • End long sales cycles

When you just don’t have time…


You and your sales people probably don’t have the time or resources to do these crucial things as well as you’d like: following up with all of your prospects every month for the next year or so until they’re ready to buy, learning who’s on your website deciding what they’re going to buy for their current project, sending the same types of emails repeatedly, lead scoring, and getting referrals. Let us set up an automated system and we’ll do it all for you.

Here’s a sample of how it can work. When you roll out a new product, we can set up a system to show you who’s downloading your white papers, opening your new product emails and who wants a demo. When you come back from NAB, CES or another trade show, we can set up an automated system to send targeted information to your show attendees. Let’s say you went to the show with a big push on three of your new products or services – we’d set up a system to automatically send a series of info to your prospects on the particular products or services they like. People are overwhelmed by general eblasts and newsletters. But when they receive information specific to their funded project, they will gladly open your info and take advantage of what you are offering.

How can you afford not to?

Let us do these crucial things for you with marketing automation. With your new automated system, you’ll get more leads, educate your prospects more fully, and sell more.


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