Who Doesn’t Love a Great Marketing Podcast?

7MB Podcast

Are you one of those people who learns best by listening? And if you’re lucky, something you heard will echo in your brain just when you need to recall it?

That’s one reason I love listening to marketing podcasts: I absorb all kinds of great ideas. (Also, it’s guilt- free! I can be multitasking and knocking stuff off my To Do list at the same time!) And it’s why I love sharing my tried-and-true 7 Marketing Basics in a variety of audio formats — interviews and my own podcast. Surprise, surprise, it’s called “7 Marketing Basics with Cindy Z.”

Podcasts are great because, unless you’re listening to a true crime serial, you can start anywhere. And my latest episode, No. 19, posted not long after IBC2022 in Amsterdam, is the perfect place to start. It features an interview I did while at the show with Cecilia Lavin of InEvent.

Wondering where to get started with your digital marketing? We cover that! Curious about how I got my start? We go there too! Always wanted to ask about the “Z” in “Cindy Z”? Yes, we answer that question right away.

Really, though, listen to this podcast, “IBC2022 Cindy Z MLC live stream interview,” if you want to hear about some of my 7 Marketing Basics — and find out how I developed them and why. In fewer than 15 minutes, you get a ton of useful marketing ideas, a few good stories (if I do say so myself), and hopefully a little inspiration that will help you improve your results with less work.

If you like what you hear, keep listening! 7 Marketing Basics podcasts are posted regularly, and you have more than a dozen in the archives to choose from. Check out the full collection here: https://7marketingbasics.buzzsprout.com/1804639

And you can join the 7 Marketing Basics Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7marketingbasics.

Of course, if you prefer to read, by all means, buy the book! Here’s just one review that explains what you’ll find inside ….

Cindy Zuelsdorf has taken the complex world of digital marketing and broken it down in easily actionable steps. With her “7 Marketing Basics,” she’s shown you exactly what to do when you’re part of a smaller staff that wants to make a big impact in less time. By reading this book, applying the learning, doing the Marketing Basics Challenge, and tracking your results, you’ll see that you’re spending fewer hours focused on marketing tasks while making a greater impact. This will be one of the best investments you make all year! 

—  Shell Vera, Voice Discovery Coach and Writer