How you can use marketing automation to do your work in half the time (& why I want to share this with you)

The Story

So, I get a call from the CEO of a company that’s been in business for 6 or 7 years. The guy is super smart, has had other companies in the industry, and has big name customers, probably the same ones you have – Fox, Sky, BBC, CNN…

He tells me that they need new ways to grow. They go to NAB and IBC and get a couple hundred leads if they are lucky.  And they know a lot of those folks already. They spend $25,000 or more at the show. He knows a ton of people, but he’s sure there are others out there that would love his product, but he doesn’t know how to reach them.

We talk about webex meetings and email quotes and how different that is from the way we use to do things. That people can get the info they need online without even calling us. And he knows that people are making decisions about whether they will buy or not before talking with his sales people.

He and his employees are pretty much all engineers. They’re totally excited about their products and love to talk about specs and details. And they know people want to hear that stuff – but what’s the best way to get the info out there today?

We talk about what people do right before they buy – maybe download a trial or schedule a demo. So in a way, it’s a numbers game, right? We need more demos to happen.

In their trove of gems, I unearth a great white paper on a very popular and relevant topic. We start offering it and we get a lot of downloads! Fast forward to today – the way they do business has changed… they have repeatable, automated systems in place that let them do what they do best. Customers are getting all the info and attention they need, leads never get lost, deals are closing. They’re thrilled! I’m thrilled! Win win!


6 Big Issues

And so many of the really great companies and people we work with have been in the same boat.  Here are the top issues we run into:

  1. Customers want to learn about new technology but sales people respond with pitching
    Customers hungering to know about the latest technology, but so often I’ve observed sales people responding to technical quested with specs product info. This is a disconnect, an opportunity lost to connect, gain trust, and build a relationship.
  2. Companies are afraid, even reluctant to use technology for marketing
    Many companies are afraid to use technology in their marketing systems because they don’t want to seem impersonal. They’ve always sold certain way and are worried that a system will change how they do things and won’t work. This is ironic because these same companies are often selling hardware or software that uses automation.
  3. Don’t know what to say – stuck
    Some companies just don’t know what to say. Consequently, they don’t do the marketing they need to because they don’t have a clear message. They often just announce a product and talk about specs and say the same old thing – reliable, easy to use… They don’t do white papers because they can’t get the info together and because they don’t know what to say.
  4.  Living in the past
    I’ve observed companies acting like buyers buy the same way they did 10-20 years ago. These companies feel that having a website is enough.
  5.  Too busy
    It’s easy to be too busy to grow and be better. But it’s dangerous.
  6. No systems, nothing’s repeatable
    I’ve observed great people working really, really hard at their companies,  regularly putting in 12+ hours days. But they miss out on working smarter. No systems in place. Everything is folk lore and tribal knowledge.

    What’s Changed?

    What’s changed – why is now the time to look at marketing automation?  The economic, social, and technological forces have changed to where there is an opening, an opportunity for you today.

    1. Economic Forces have changed
      Financially it’s possible for small and medium sized companies to use marketing automation and other technology to make their business explode. It’s totally affordable. Now you can put a dollar in and know that you will get 5 or 10 or 100 dollars out. I’ve been waiting years for this technology to be available to small companies.
    2. Social Forces have changed
      We all know that the way people buy has radically changed as compared to just a few years ago. Every single one of us researches online first, before contacting a company or purchasing.We all know this is a big impact on our businesses but have we done much of anything about it? Yes, we have a website and some pdfs, but there needs to be more. While people still need 7 or 11 or 27 touches before they buy, the touches are not just phone calls and trade shows like they used to be, now touches include email and website and social media. And those touches need to be coordinated and in response to a person’s interests.Another social force is the hunger that people have for information. Every engineer wants to know the latest info on 4K, IP, file-based workflows, etc. They will learn from someone, why shouldn’t it be you?
    3.  Technological forces have changed
      This technology now at a controllable, affordable price. Small businesses can afford it. But could not before. Marketing automation technology that is used by Amazon, Tektronix, and other larger businesses is now available to all of us.

      The Why

      So why would I want to share the top performing marketing automation methods I’ve learned and the best campaigns I’ve developed?  I want small and medium sized companies, YOUR company, to have the same advantages that Amazon and Tektronix have. And you CAN. Yes, at Kokoro we love working with companies on an ongoing basis, but I’m happy to show you how to do it yourself, too. I want you to succeed!

      All broadcast video hardware and software manufacturers are being forced to evolve. The products and technology we sell must constantly evolve. But the marketing methods and technology we use must evolve, too, in order for us to stay viable and grow.

      Why? We can’t just rely on trade shows, personal contacts, print ads, and dated marketing methods to increase business. The way customers research and decide on hardware and software has changed drastically. We have to evolve.

      All companies in the video and broadcast space, no matter what size, need technology and new ways to generate new leads, follow up better, and get sales faster.

      Companies that continue doing sales and marketing in the old school ways will leave money on the table and risk the health of their business.


      And I love this industry and the great people in it and I want to see everyone succeed!

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