Your Quick Marketing: Get the Free Marketing 101 Mini Course

This free Marketing 101 Mini-Course video series gives you step-by-step processes that will level up your marketing and give you results!

1) Does it take all morning just to write one email? Learn how to write a great email in 10 minutes that delivers leads and sales.
2) Discover 4 steps to getting more prospects and sales.
3) Get our Kokoro lead follow-up success system

 If any of the above resonate with you, then you love this 3-part mini video course!  Sign up now and get the exact system we use with our clients to get results.

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Video 1

How to write emails that deliver leads and sales. (Step-by-step process.)

Does it take all morning just to write one email? Want to learn how to put a great email together in 10 minutes? People regularly ask us why their marketing emails are not working and what they can do differently to get results from their marketing emails,  whether they are working on trade show promotion, new product introductions or following up with prospects. Watch this video to learn the exact system we use with our clients to get results.

  • Know the most important part of an email
  • What to put in the first line of your email
  • Which words to avoid

Video 2

4 steps to getting more prospects and sales leads

If you feel like you need to get more leads, and do something in addition to going to, or different from, going trade shows and reverting to your rolodex, take a look at this video to learn the specific method we use with our clients to generate leads. Watch this video and learn the 4+4 More Leads System:

  • Best way to get new leads
  • Re-engage your cold leads
  • How to educate your prospects so they are ready to buy

Video 3

Lead Follow Up Success System

Have you met someone who spent a ton of money on a trade show, maybe NAB, IBC or CES, and then, after the show, they just sent one email out to the leads? Then passed the leads to the sales people and hoped for the best. Or worse yet, they did nothing. No follow up at all.

If you ever feel frustrated with lead follow up and know that there’s a high return on investment to be had by adding digital marketing to what you’re doing, but don’t know where to start, watch this video to learn about exact system we use with our clients now for successful lead follow-up. Lead follow-up that delivers sales.  Watch the video to find out how to:

  • Create a new lead follow-up system that works
  • Make automated systems
  • Turn leads into sales

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